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Issue - Enter Doctor Doom EDIT  

This issue opens on Reed, Sue, and Ben entering a State Prison's visiting room, where they are surprised to find the guards unconscious. The Sandman attempts to attack them from behind, and is successful at holding the group at bay shortly before escaping through an air duct. It's then revealed that it's a plan of the Wizard's to get Sandman outside, as he can then break him out of prison in the future.  At the same time, over in Latveria the Silver Surfer gets a message inviting him to come to Doctor Doom's castle. Not knowing of the menace of Doom, the Surfer accepts the invitation, and is given a tour of the castle, oblivious to Doom's intentions. Whilst this is happening, the Sandman attacks the Fantastic Four (minus Johnny) at the Baxter Building, thinking that they'll have the equipment he needs to break the Wizard out of jail. After a fight, the Sandman manages to escape with some of Reed's inventions, since even though he doesn't know what they do, he assumes that the Wizard will know how they work.  Meanwhile in Latveria, the Surfer begins to grow suspicious of Doctor Doom after seeing how he treats some of his servants, but sticks to the tour. When in his laboratory, Doom unleashes his plan: he distracts the Silver Surfer with a video of the universe, which the Surfer is sorely missing. He then has several devices attached to himself, and connects them to the Silver Surfer, draining the Surfer of his Power Cosmic.  Meanwhile, Johnny and Wyatt Wingfoot are still trying to convince Lockjaw to teleport them inside of Attilan, which is sealed by a barrier, but instead he teleports them to a strange dimension in which a large number of dinosaur-like beasts reside. They get into a stampede, but Lockjaw manages to teleport Johnny and Wyatt away before they are crushed.  In Attilan, Black Bolt is still severely weak after deactivating a bomb using his voice. The other Inhumans ponder how he was able to make a sound, which he hasn't been able to, before Maximus appears, still mad. He tells everyone that Black Bolt has always been able to speak, and that if they want to know more, they should question Medusa.  Back in Latveria, Doctor Doom tests out his new powers, flying around on the Silver Surfer's surfboard, whilst the innocent civilians wonder who could stop him. And in New York, Sue tells Reed that she has a terrible feeling that someone more dangerous than the Sandman is coming.