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Leopard was created by Tom Tully and Mike Western. The Leopard From Lime St. ran as a comic between 27th March 1976 until 18th May 1985 and it was very popular in France, Spain and Greece.


Leopard was scratched by a radioactive leopard and so he gained super strength, speed and reflexes. He works as a freelance photographer and he lives in the fictional town of Selbridge with his aunt Joan and uncle Charlie. He gets a job as a photographer at the Selbridge Sun selling photos to Thaddeus Clegg, so he can get some money for his sick aunt. Some of the villains that Leopard has to face was Vampirello, Cat Man and the Snow Beast.

Weapons and Equipment

He used a rope with claws at the end, the "Leopard Gun" which shoots paint and an utility belt with gadgets


"Catch me if you can - hunt me if you dare"