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At the beginning of time, Captain Universe created the Builders and laid out a path for them to follow. The Builders were composed of six races: The Creators, the Engineers, Curators, Caretakers, Alephs and Gardeners. The Creators were those who had vision of what should evolve in the universe and the Engineers would then create genetic codes they would seed through the cosmos.

The Curators were set up to evaluate both the Creators and Engineers work and if their work needed to be curved or restructured they send the Alephs out to use Gardeners in areas that need to have life tendered and moved farther through evolution. The Caretakers are set to maintain the Alephs main directives and keep the Curators in line due to past Curators feeling they needed to over step the Engineers.

For millennia, the Builders have been those to create life but following the massive event that shattered all of space and time, the Builders launched a full-scale invasion on both Earth-616 and its counterparts across the Multiverse. During the invasion everyone from the Spaceknights to the Annihilation Wave found themselves outmatched and outgunned and soon several worlds began bending their knees to the Builders. When confronted by Captain Universe, their former goddess and creator, they revealed that their plan was to destroy the Axis Point of reality on 616 in the hopes of staving off the death of the Multiverse.

Captain Universe revealed that their attempts to do so would not only fail but that she would never allow them to go through with their plans and began eradicating the Builders. One managed to escape to another Universe but not before commanding the Alephs to destroy the universe, the same builder ended up in a nearby parallel universe where he was picked up by a Builder from that reality and brought aboard his Planet Killer where he was put on display for the Illuminati from Earth-616 to see.