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Wakanda is an African nation in the Marvel universe ruled by the Black Panther. It is technologically superior to most developed nations and rich in natural resources, particularly the rare metal vibranium.

First shown in Fantastic Four #52 (July '66), Wakanda possesses the largest strores of Vibranium on Earth, the result of a massive meteorite meteor strike. The radiation emitted by the meteorite caused mutations in portions of the Wakandan population turning some into "demons spirits" who attacked their fellow tribe members. The first Black Panther, Bashenga sealed off the meteorite and formed the nation's religion: the Panther Cult. Knowing that others would seek to conquer Wakanda for its vibranium King T'Chaka, father of T'Challa (the modern-day Black Panther), cut Wakanda off from the rest of the world.

Using only small amounts of the nation's mineral wealth, T'Chaka sent Wakanda's best to the corners of the Earth to learn everything they could in tandem with their own discoveries. As a result, Wakanda's level of technological and economic achievement exceeds those of the traditional world powers.

Recently, King T'Challa has stated his intent to develop a Wakandian space program, signalling the nations' emergence as a true world power.

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Major languages: Wakandian, Yoruba, Hausa, English; Afroasiatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo, Khoe, Austronesian, Indo-European

Currency: Wakandian Dollar