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A mutant Brood with a sophisticated and high intellectintelligence, saved by the X-Men. Currently attending the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.


Broo, like any other ordinary Brood, was given birth to by the Queen Mother in space. Because he was born with kindness, an emotion that the majority of Brood are not born with, with his kin proposed that they kill him, but the Queen Mother argued back with them, as their species was dwindling, allowing him to grow into an intelligent offspring, it . It wasn't until shortly after his discovery that he was cut-off from the hive-mind leaving him free-willed to do his own thing, he as he wished. He is much like No-Name, Hulk's friend from the Warbound.


Broo was created by writer Christos Gage and artist Juan Bobillo and made his first ever appearance in Astonishing X-Men #40 in September 2011. He has been created as is the second Brood alien in the whole of the Marvel Universe to not be part of the hive-mind. His name wasn't revealed till Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

Character Evolution

Broo started off as a normal independent Brood but has is now been enrolled into the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.

Major Story Arcs


The X-Men find Broo

Whilst on a mission in space to eliminate the Brood, Abigail Brand mentions to the X-Men that there's a Brood that was left behind in the ship's laboratory. The other Brood had noticed its sense of compassion and abandoned it because it was an abomination to them. With the help of Abigail Brand's temporary Brood abilities they managed to find Broo in a containment chamber. Broo asked if the X-Men had come to kill him. Storm assured him that they were going to take him home.

As the X-Men were about to leave, a Brood Queen Mother attacks, releasing a poisonous gas which fast-tracks the Brood larvae that were already in them, leaving Kitty Pryde the only one unaffected. The Queen Mother then tries to stop them but Broo stops her by hitting one of her Brood henchmen rendering him unconscious. He then confronts the Queen Mother on her cruel act of keeping him alone and tells her that he is not one of them. However the Brood had the upper hand so Kitty, Broo and Lockheed began to runran. The Queen Mother and the rest her Brood quickly gain in on them, however as they arrivethe Queen arrives with the rest of her Brood, they are met only by Broo who tells them that Kitty and Lockheed didn't trust him and that they had already left and called for help. They The Queen quickly see sees through his lie just as Kitty and Lockheed return and the X-Men begin to regain their minds and the tide of the battle turns to the X-Men's favor. The X-Men fight through the Brood but Colossus notices that one of the Brood Mothers has got hold of Broo, Storm quickly fights her off with a strike of lightning and defends Broo. He then notices that the strike of lightning released him from the Hive-Mind and a . A new way of living for Broo had come underwaybegun.

As the battle waged on, the Brood realized that their Queens were all dead and so they quickly retreated. Later, Storm explains to Broo how he is never alone no matter what his doubts maybe, she may be. She also tells him of the new awakening Brood in the pods and that how he and the future Brood will be closer than ever, he . He still doubts the fact that they will never ever be like him, not with them still having the Hive-Mind, but she assures him that if something did go wrong did happen, the X-Men would be more than happy to take him in.


Protected By Idie

Given the fall-out of Schism and Storm's assurance that he would be part of the X-Men, Broo enrolls in the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. On the open his first day, Hellion and Glob Herman come across Broo and begin to tease him about his Brood origins, . Wolverine and Kitty Pryde quickly come to his rescue and to ease the situation, though Broo tells them that the occurence occurrence would not cloud his judgment of the school. Later on during the inspector's transformations into monsters with the added Frankenstein's monsters assault on the school, Broo joins the fight against them and during that time he meets Idie Okonkwo, the two . Broo and Idie quickly become friends and he falls head over heels for her. Later on, Broo and Idie, while continuing the fight against the teachers-turned monsters and Frankenstein's men they , meet an arrogant Quentin Quire followed by an excited Kid Gladiator who both provide good help against the teachers and the Frankenstein's men.

Reasoning With The Monsters

Later on, Quentin manages to find a way to get the assault under control by getting into the mind of the school grounds which were now alive school grounds. Even though the school had to go under undergo more contruction construction due to the attack, they the students all went back to their normal lesson scheduleschedules.

When headmistress Kitty Pride appeared to be pregnant with a kind of brood virus that Professor Xanto Starblood had created, it was revealed that Broo is an exceptional kind of brood who was born with kindness and for that this Professor must killed him. But when . This causes Xanto Starblood to believe that Broo must be killed. When Kitty Pride defended him Broo, he went mad and attacked Xanto in Berserker a berserker state. Then he Broo, suddenly seeing that he was covered in blood, then realized what he had done when he saw all the blood that was covering him. He realized then that he must face his natural killer instinct and learn how to control it.

Mutatis Mutandis


It's a new school term for the Broo and the other kids students at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning which also calls in for new students, which means new students will be arriving. As the new students get settled in, Broo welcomes Genesis into the class as well as the school, at that, Kid Omega as usual, leaves makes a rude remark of which causes results in an argument between the two, as it usually does. Later on, Deathlok of Uncanny X-Force guest lectures with Kitty Pryde and tells a few students about their possible futures, . Deathlok tells Broo that in the next few years there is a 22.3% probability that we will discover a the cure for cancer and will be found. He then adds that during the same time there is 34.7% chance probability that he, Broo, will consume at least four of his classmater, classmates. Broo is intrigued, as well as shocked by the whole revelation.

The next day, Beast and a couple of the other students, including Glob Herman, took a trip into Toads human body as a science expedition, out of everyone there, . Broo was mostly the most intrigued and asked for someone to take a picture of him near the nucletoides, during this same eventhave his picture taken near the nucleotides. During all this, Kid Omega tried to flirt with Idie, much to Broo's annoyance, and quickly got involved in order to thwart the little plans that Quentin had , as Broo still has strong feelings for Idie.

Later on, Kitty Pryde finds that her belly resembles that of a woman who is 8-9 months pregnant, . Beast later sees discovers that she Kitty isn't pregnant with a normal baby, but , rather that a swarm of brood have made a nest inside Kitty's belly and will soon kill her, this left . This "pregnancy" made Kitty extremely ill while the other X-Men figured were figuring out a way to help her. With that going on, Husk sounded a school alert and ordered all the students to immediately head for the panic room to stay safe, amongst the trouble, yet Broo was hesitant to go, . Idie then found him Broo in the hallway laying on the groundfloor, saying that he could hear "them" in his head.

As the battle for Kitty Pryde's health rages oncontinued, Broo is still in the hallway saying "No...But these are my friends...Please don't kill them". Unbeknownst to them, those weren't the only Broo running rampant, the school was then infiltrated by a Professor Xanto Starblood, a an alien zoologist. While Kitty was on the hospital bed Broo when to go find her, much to her suprises, he , Broo went in search of her. Much to her surprise, Broo then jumped on her belly and listened in on it to confirm to it and then confirmed that there were indeed Brood inside her belly but that those were not the ones he was looking for, all of a sudden . Then, suddenly, rogue Brood storm into the hospital room and the duo try to make their escape as they rogue Brood attack them, . Kitty then realises realizes that this was putting Broo in danger, and so she takes matters into her own hands, . Kitty uses the controls of the Danger Room and places Broo inside a shield even though he tries to fight his way through it, she . Kitty then attempts to go up against Xanto but then falls unconcious and he falls unconscious, Xanto then clearly states that she Kitty wasn't his target, Broo was. Broo, Broo is then not aware of Xanto's presence so then he , calls out to Kitty and but get's no reply, then, out of no where, Xanto apprehends him.

With Broo now in his clutches, Xanto then attempts to kill him, but Broo stalls by asking him why he does, wishes him dead. Xanto then explains that Broo's kind nature is now a Universally known fact and that Broo, by Broo not coming into conforming to the normal tradition of a usual Broo he is singlehandedly distrupting the world order behavioral traits of a normal Brood, was single-handedly disrupting the universal order. Broo then states that he was not planning hadn't planned on doing so, then, Kitty gains consciousness again . Kitty then regains consciousness and with the help of the Bamfs she teleports over to Broo , the to defend him. The Bamfs then help Broo and teleport Xanto out of the school, even . Even Krakoa helps out but even with all that, Xanto , but Xanto still manages to come back in return as his prime objective is to kill Broo,.Kitty then tells Broo to go to the panic room but he insists that he is not leaving without her, Xanto then punches Kitty out of the way which enrages Broo to great extents, in a great extent. In anger, he jumps onto Xanto and and starts tearing and biting on his mouth with his teeth, while doing so shouts out , all the while screaming "DIE DIE DIE ! KILL YOU ! EAT YOU !" while . While this was happening, the other X-Men were vomitted vomited out of Kitty's system, . Beast then called out to Broo and took , calmed him way down from beating up Xanto in his berserker rage against Xanto and took him away.

Broo, coming back to his senses quickly questions , how and why he was covered in blood. At the same time, while Xanto was heading into going back to Abigail Brand's ship, she Abigail asks Xanto if the this whole stunt was thing worth it, he says yes . Xanto replies "yes" in that the rumour rumor about Broo appeared to be false, even that though he was indeed more eloquent then his untamed brethren, deep down inside he was all Brood. Hearing this conversation, hearing this Broo withdrew himself away from everyone , while looking at his blood stained Doctors Robe.

Avengers VS X-Men

During the bout clash between the X-Men and the Avengers, while Tony Stark, Beast, and Iron Fist were arguing over what to do with about the Phoenix problem, Broo begins typing on a computer in order to propose a solution and some insight into what is actually Going going on. This fills Beast with pride, amazes Iron Man, and confuses Iron Fist.


Broo has the same abilities as any other ordinary Brood, though a more obvious trait would be his uncanny degree of intellect.