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For years the heroes of the Marvel Universe have lived in fear that the artificial intelligence known as Ultron would one day evolve to fulfill its desire to wipe out all organic life and take over the Earth -- that day has arrived. This massive 10-part Marvel Universe-spanning event is brought to you by Eisner award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis and comics legend Bryan Hitch.

Detailed Plot


As Ultron’s are passing destroying things in their path Black Widow is attacked by a random man with a gun. The man keeps asking her to remove her hood, and show what she’s hiding. Black Widow removes the hood to show one eye badly disfigured, but the man still insists on trying to rob her. The man is however shot by Moon Knight, and he and Black Widow talk to each other through sign language with Black Widow stating that, “I had it,” and Moon Knight saying, “sure you did.”

As the Ultron’s continue to attack human that won’t submit Black Widow and Moon Knight enter one of Nick Fury’s hidden hideouts, but due to entering at different points Black Widow almost attacks Moon Knight. They find out that the hideout was the one that Fury used during the Skrull Invasion (Secret Invasion). When Moon Knight asks if Ultron knows about this Black Widow says that Fury never wrote anything down, so there’d be no trail for Ultron to follow. Black Widow finishes by asking Moon Knight to help her destroy Ultron, which Moon Knight agrees to.

Meanwhile Spider-Man is in the underground hideout that is currently occupying 7,000 heroes. He reveals his name stating that secret identities don’t mean anything anymore. Whilst saying that he woke up one morning to find the world had gone to hell he’s asked about what he saw. A flash back shows Peter waking up and going through New York with flames around, and at the end of his recollection he asks if it was just in Manhattan. After finding out that the whole world is most likely under Ultron’s control Peter says that he’s happy he’s with them. Iron Man then asks how he got kidnapped and another small flashback shows how, with Peter mentioning that his Spider-Sense didn‘t even go off. After saying that Hammerhead and Owl were going to sell him to Ultron Luke Cage asks why Ultron needed them to do that, and not just take him himself. After being told by Iron Man that the plan was to survive, Peter says that that’s not something, until Captain America comes in stating that they finally have a plan.