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In the days before Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's "Hush"; Loeb and Sale's "The Long Halloween"; The Dark Knight Returns and even before The Untold Legend of the Dark Knight, DC had a cool way of putting "trade paperback" collected reprints in readers' hands. It was the Best of DC Comics Blue Ribbon Digest. Collecting the best stories of the year; or, in the case of Best of DC Comics Blue Ribbon Digest 9, January/February 1981, collecting the "Bat-murder" storyline from Detective Comics 444 - 448, Janua

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Bat murderer
Batman is accused of killing Talia by shooting her in the back. In his hunt for the truth; he encounters her father, Ra's Al Ghul, who claims to be behind it all and not only frames The Dark Knight for her murder, but his as well. He also runs afoul of The Creeper and Sterling Silversmith before resolving the mystery of the smoking gun.