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Self described as a sentient computer virus, Grid was created at the same time that the superhero Cyborg was brought online. Grid's job was simple, collect and process the data that Cyborg uploaded, but Grid longed for something that he could not have: emotion. He theorized that while he, Grid, served as the machine side of Cyborg, Cyborg served as the human side, the only one capable of emotion, and Grid grew to resent that. From then, he began to plan to get rid of Cyborg so that he could finally feel.


Grid was created by writer Geoff Johns and illustrator Ivan Reis, first appearing in name in Justice League #18 and appeared fully in Justice League #23. Grid served first as a program inside of Cyborg, but then during the events of Trinity War and Forever Evil he was introduced as Cyborg's evil counterpart.

Major Story Arcs

Trinity War

At first, Grid is mentioned by Cyborg as a computer system that catalogues all of the information on the world's superheroes. Cyborg uses this information to invite certain heroes to join the Justice League. However, the meeting that follows becomes a disaster when Platinum, a robot created by Will Magnus, goes haywire when she cannot find Magnus. The new (and entirely unknown) Atom arrives in time to help shut down the robot and win her a spot in the League. At the end of the meeting, Cyborg discovers that they had been hacked while the battle was taking place, with the screen showing the image of a skull and crossbones and the words "Have a nice day" over them.

During the events of Trinity War, in which all three of the Justice League's battle each other while possessed by Pandora's Box, Grid is shown in an entirely different light. When the Box's powers suddenly become dormant during the ensuing fight, the heroes have enough time to try and figure out what is going on. Superman, who had caused the war by unintentionally killing Doctor Light, suddenly succumbs to the sickness that had stricken him since the killing of Light. Upon a further look, it is revealed that a sliver of Kryptonite had been lodged into Superman's brain, which had caused him to kill Light. Atom, who is actually Atomica of Earth-3, admits to doing it. Cyborg, in shock, asks her if she is a traitor, to which she replies, "Oh Vic. Honey. So are you." Suddenly, another voice comes from Cyborg, the now in control Grid, and Cyborg's armor breaks away from him, leaving him an almost lifeless husk. Grid then forms fully and then attacks the Leagues. In the chaos, Pandora's Box is opened and The Crime Syndicate steps out. By saying one sentence, "Have a nice day", Grid reveals himself to be the one that had hacked the Justice League, and thus proving to be a villain from the very beginning.

Forever Evil

Joining The Crime Syndicate as their version of Cyborg, Grid monitors the Syndicate's activities as they slowly take control of the world. All the while, Grid seeks to know all there is about his new team members and awaits to finally feel the one thing that had driven him to break away from Cyborg: emotion.


Grid, originally a sentinent computer virus, has possession of Cyborg's old body and so all of the gadgets Cyborg possessed. Among these are Cyborg's energy blasters, which Grid can produce from his arms and along his body. Grid possess a wide range of knowledge involving the superhero and supervillian community, as well as any knowledge accessible through the internet (which is most knowledge known to man). Grid can control other computers around him and uses this power while in the employment of the Crime Syndicate.