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It's the "Devil in Pursuit" as young Jupiter's been kidnapped. Grendel and the rebels follow the trail across the frozen wastes, with the red devils hot on their heels. This issue not only features the return of a fabled Grendel nemesis but also includes a cameo appearance by "Milk" of Evan Dorkin's Milk & Cheese. It just gets weirder.

Prime and the rebels move on to Siberia to track down the vampires that took Jupiter Assante. On the way across a mountain an avalanche buries the vehicles and people. Prime is able to dig them out, but expends much energy to do so. They continue on to an abandoned silo where Jupiter was taken.

Stateside, Laurel Kennedy's mental health is beginning to deteriorate due to the stress. News that her daughter has escaped the Dakota compound with her personal bodyguard does not help matters. Susan and Crystal continue their journey, stopping briefly for supplies. Crystal is grabbed by men with unfriendly intentions, but Susan is able to rescue her. The two steal a boat and now continue by sea.