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They say you can't go home again, but some people just don't know how to take good advice. Susan, from Grendel: War Child, is returning to the place where she grew up. Unfortunately, it's not the place she remembers. A gang of surly punks have taken over the town, and they're anything but welcoming to new faces. Susan's coming home, all right, but if she's planning on staying she'll have to paint the town blood red.

Also in this issue: Matt Wagner takes you into the Imperial Court and introduces you to the Grendel-Khan, Jupiter III. Be there as the empire crumbles in "Babylon Crash, Pt. 1," the latest installment of Matt Wagner's fully painted back-up feature, Devil Quest.

Susan rides home for the first time in a long time. She is greeted by a dead body hanging from the transmission tower at the edge of town. She pulls up to a bar and heads in for a drink. The barkeep tells her that the tower's decorations are the product of the local ruling gang Orion's Bastards. A beautiful prostitute hits on Susan, who susan quickly realizes is Martha, a childhood friend who now goes by the name Avril.

Susan rejects Avril's advances and leaves the bar to find a few of the Bastards crowding around her bike. After being threatened she assaults the Bastards and any bystanders that chose to get into the fight. She takes Avril and the two leave for Avril's home.