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Life has reached a fever pitch in Susan Verhagen's hometown. The local punks have killed her one true love, and she has vengeance on her mind. Getting through the front ranks of lowlife scum is easy, but the monstrous Buster is waiting behind them. It's a clash of righteous anger and harsh sadism, and no matter which one wins, there's sure to be plenty of blood in the conclusion of Grendel Tales: Homecoming.

Also in this issue: "Too Dead to Die, Part 1." Devil Quest, Matt Wagner's fully painted epic, approaches its finish. All the perverse players are nearing their final goal, but will the prize -- Grendel-Prime -- elude them?

The Grendel spirit within Susan is reawakened. After burying Avril's body she suits up and prepares for battle. She locates two of the Bastards beating up a pair of homosexuals. She beats out of the Bastards Buster's location and leaves their fate in the hands of their most recent victims.

Susan arrives at the Bastards castle and fights her way through the crowd of Bastards. When she finds Buster he is consuming more and more of the drug Grendel, pumping himself up. Before Susan can even touch Buster he falls dead of an overdose. She tells him that there are no shortcuts.

Susan hangs Buster's body from the transmission tower at the edge of town as a warning and rides off..