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Gina Langtrees

Brief History

Gina Langtrees was the daughter of a wealthy motor and cars distributer whom met and helped Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) during a period of him having amnesia. Johnny called himself Frank at the time, not knowing his real name or history. Gina and Johnny eventually got romantically involved. However their love was cut shored when Johnny was seemingly lost in a tragic car accident. In fact the accident had rid Johnny of his amnesia, but also caused him to forget about Gina. Some months later, Gina found "Frank" again in Las Vegas, this time as Johnny Blaze, where he was performing for a few casino's. After Gina managed to make him remember his time with her, the couple re-started their romance. It was however short-lived when Gina learned the truth about Johnny being the Ghost Rider. She told him she could not love a man with a demon inside of him. She was not seen again after the left him there in Las Vegas.