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Reno Bryce

Reno Bryce’s parents were killed by Daemonites when he was a child and he decided that he wanted revenge against them and started learning different martial arts to combat them. The Cyberdata group captured him, implanting a brainbox and made him into one of their drone assassins called S.H.O.C.'s. The S.H.O.C. Misery used her abilities to make him believe the two were lovers and soon did the same to the member Ripclaw. Later Warblade killed her after it was discovered she betrayed the team and almost died himself when Ripclaw attacked him thinking the same of Warblade.


Warblade was co-created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee. Making his debut in WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams #1 - Resurrection Day, August 1992 under the Image and Wildstorm comics imprint. In 1999 Wildstorm was purchased by DC Comics, Wildstorm left Image and took all their characters with them including Warblade and the WildC.A.T.s. Following DC Comics New 52 reboot, Warblade made his New 52 debut on May 2, 2012 in the pages of Teen Titans Annual, written by Scott Lobdell and penciled by Brett Booth.

Character Evolution

Wildstorm / Image Comics

Warblade (Wildstom)

During a team mission Warblade like the rest of the Wild.C.A.T.s found the Kherubim space craft and used it to make their way to Khera. Their they discovered that the Kherubim war with the Daemonites had been over for thousands of years. Reno found that he was a member of a sub group of Kherubim’s called the Shapers Guild. He met the powerful Lord Proteus who instructed Warblade on how to use his skills in ways he never had before. He found that he could do things such as detaching his limbs or growing wings for flight. Sadly his team mate Voodoo found out that the Daemonites had been forced to live in ghettos and as second class citizens when they lost the war and that the empire of Kherubim was speciest and everyone wanted more power. The team soon left after finding out this horrible truth. Once back home Emp’s assistant Jules became lovers.

Post-Flashpoint: Prime Earth

Warblade (Prime Earth)

During the story arc " THE CULLING", Warblade led his team of Ravagers against the combined forces of the Teen Titans and the time-displaced group of Legionnaires. He faced off against Superboy and very effortlessly stood toe-to-toe. It is unknown if he retains his Kherubim connection.

Major Story Arcs

Wildstorm / Image Comics



Later while Zealot was on a mission in Ireland she was killed and after this event the group decided to break up. After this Warblade gave up superheroing altogether and spent his time now dealing with his art. Soon after however the assassin Pike reappeared wanting to make his vision real. He quite literally blew Warblade to pieces and Jules died in the explosion.

After Warblade was able to reform his body he went after Pike in Sarajevo. The two did battle once again however this time Warblade beat and killed Pike, but not before telling him that since the team disbanded he couldn’t kill a Wild.C.A.T because there weren’t any. Bryce went into a depressive state even taking his powers from him, and had his hands amputated, but with time, soul searching and a serum to activate his Kherubim DNA he was back to the way he was. Bryce would then completely retire, but when the Kherubim radicals the Brotherhood of the Sword mutated the human population he along with several other Wild.C.A.T.s were thrown into the battle and fought the Brotherhood stopping their plan.

Captain Atom come Wildstorm

He once again brought out his claws when Captain Atom came to the Wildstorm universe the two battled only briefly, then the whole event was erased by the new Void. He has now become a black ops agent for Spartan spying on the Gamorran space colony.

World's End

After the world was destroyed by the clones of the High the Halo building became the only location that still had power due to it's batteries that last forever. After the building was attacked by Majestic he asked a few of the team if they wanted to come with him to Hawaii. Warblade was asked, but he refused Majestic's offer. After the team came back from a failed attempt at creating oasis's all over the planet they found that Defile and the Daemonites had come to L.A. and wanted to take it over. Of course the team fought back, but Warblade was badly injured by Defile during the fight. However he turned himself into a sword that Maul used to stab Defile and the team struck up a treaty with the Daemonites. Later the whole team did actually go to Hawaii but this was actually a rescue mission to get back Backlash and Nemesis from Majestic.

Powers and Abilities

Organic Liquid Metal

His wings

Warblade's body is made up from an organic liquid metal that he can form and shape with his mind. Originally he limited his skills to forming bladed weapons with his hands. Warblade's simply focuses on a particular limb and rearranges it as a weapon. He had been shown to cover his whole body aside from his face in the metal. While he was on Khera he learned to make unique shapes and forms he had never done before. He built wings on his back, learned to make himself malleable to stretch his arms to reach long range targets as well as fire his limbs like darts, grow extra working limbs (both humanoid and insect-like) and more. He has apparently continued experimenting with his powers on his own since he's been able to control pieces of himself even after they've been separated from him.

His control over his body is so fine that he can sharpen his blades enough to cut on a microscopic (possibly molecular) level. He's said before that he can make his blades as sharp as he wants and it is believed that with time he can tear anything and has even been shown to rend Captain Atom’s metallic shell. His body is also impossible to pick up using any type of sensors or detection devices. Warblade does not seem to be limited to a set amount of mass. While staying at his normal size he has created huge blades on his arms and has also increased his mass to be a sword in the hand of a building-sized Maul. Due to his natural Kherubim form he is far more durable than any human. He may not be invulnerable or even bullet proof but his liquid metal form allows him to shape himself and even survive major damage and still keep on fighting. His body is such that even if he is destroyed, he can, with effort (depending on the extent of the damage) pull his individual atoms back together and reform. This was how he survived when Pike blew him up. He's an expert in martial arts, including Kenpo and Kung Fu due to years of practicing and training.

Other Versions

Image Comics / Valiant Comics

Warblade appeared in the Deathmate crossover.

Other Media



Warblade appeared in the cartoon show.