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Shaak Ti was a prominent member of the

Jedi Council

throughout the Clone wars. Known for her excellence in


combat, she proved herself a valuable Jedi General to the republic. Her feats in the Clone Wars include protecting the growing army of clone troopers in the First Battle of


, surviving a fight with

General Grievous

during the Battle of Hypori, and narrowly surviving Order 66 during

Darth Vader

's Attack on the

Jedi Temple

.   After Order 66, Shaak Ti traveled across the galaxy before finding her place on Felucia. She took in an orphan named

Maris Brood

and raised her in the ways of the force, wary to save her from the dark side. On Felucia she trained until Vader's secret apprentice,


, was sent after her. After a defeat at the hands of Starkiller, Shaak Ti flung herself into the Felucian Ancient Abyss.  

Early career

As a newly appointed Jedi Knight, Shaak Ti took two Padawan learners under her training. She trained her students back on her homeland. Unfortunately, both students were killed shortly after Shaak finished training them. Shaak Ti's Jedi training allowed her to cope with the death of her padawan, Fe Sun, at the hands of the career criminal


. Shortly after this tragedy, Shaak Ti, assisted by Jedi Master



Chancellor Palpatine

's life from an assassination attempt.


Clone Wars

Shaak Ti was part of the Jedi Platoon that rescued


at the beginning of the Battle of


. She survived the battle, taken away in a rescue ship that


brought. After the battle, Shaak Ti was appointed as a jedi General of the Clone army of the republic, for the remainder of the Jedi involvement in the Clone wars. Shaak Ti was recognized along with

Mace Windu


Plo Koon

for her part in a successful mission on Ando, by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. She was awarded a grove of Ch'hala trees which she then donated to the Jedi Temple.


's apprentice,

Asajj Ventress

placed a bounty on Shaak Ti's head, as well as 81 other jedi, throughout the Clone wars.

First Battle of Kamino

Shaak Ti was one of the Jedi sent to Kamino after learning of the


's plans to attack the Republic's cloning facilities there. Shaak Ti worked on setting up the planet's defenses alongside Lama Su. Master Ti assissted the other jedi in preserving the life of the growing clones on Kamino, and driving the separatist attackers away from the planet, winning the Battle for the Republic.

Battle of Hypori As

As part of a jedi task force, Shaak Ti was sent to Hypori to destroy a large droid factory supplying the Separatist armies. The task force consisted of Jedi Masters:

Ki Adi Mundi


Aayla Secura

, K'Krunk, Barrek, and Tarr Seyirr,   as well as an army of clone troopers. As soon as the task force's ships came out of hyperspace, their ships were brought down by orbital mines putting the task force behind enemy lines, completely surrounded by the droid army created by the very factory they were sent to destroy. The clone army was wiped out and the seven jedi were left to fend for themselves. Surrounded, the jedi backed themselves into the wreckage of their ship when Grievous approached them out of the droid army. Amongst the wreckage, General Grievous engaged the seven jedi. In the beginning of the battle, Grievous killed K'Krunk, Barrek, and Seyirr, before critically wounding Secura. Ki Adi Mundi and Shaak Ti then managed to hold their own against Grevious until rescued by Republic ARC troopers. Only Mundi, Secura, and Ti made it out alive

Battle of Brentaal IV

After the Republic learned that a separatist stronghold on

Brentaal IV

would be out of commission for a few weeks, they saw an opportunity to secure an important trade planet for the Republic. Shaak Ti was part of a four jedi task force aided by a platoon of clone troopers and a number of air/land vehicles. With Jedi Master Plo Koon commanding the assault from orbit, Shaak Ti led the ground forces in their attack on the fortress. As Shaak Ti and a few clones entered the fortress through its sewers, she noticed that the fortress was, in fact, a separatist prison. The battle outside had created the distraction needed to fuel a jail break on the inside. Master Shaak Ti offered the prisoners freedom if they would assist her in demolishing the fortress. Notable among the prisoners were Jedi Knight

Quinlan Vos

- a friend of Shaak Ti and long thought dead by the Jedi Council - And Lyshaa, the criminal who murdered Shaak Ti's Padawan.


Master Vos left to attack the shield generators leaving Master Shaak Ti and Lyshaa with the responsibility of finding and defeating the Warden of the facility, Warlord Shogar Tok. Despite many attempts by Lyshaa to solicit an attack from Shaak Ti, Master Ti refrained from any hostility. The two proceeded toward Shogar Tok's chambers when Lyshaa turned on Shaak Ti and the pair were suddenly caught in a trap of Tok's that Lyshaa unknowingly sprung. Shaak Ti saved both herself and Lyshaa and the two continued toward Tok's chambers. When they finally reached Tok, Lyshaa turned on Shaak Ti again and shot her in the stomach in an attempt to get on Tok's good side. Shaak Ti used the force to give herself the appearance of being dead while she healed herself, and, when ready, attacked Shogar Tok and Lyshaa. Shaak Ti killed Shogar and offered to spare Lyshaa. However, Lyshaa didn't trust Ti and fled, only to be caught in another trap of Shogar's, this time fatal. With the mission a success, Master Ti was extracted and placed in a Bacta tank to fully heal from her injuries.


Battle of Dagu


Later in the war, Master Shaak Ti and a large complement of clones were taken prison and kept on the planet, Dagu. The prison at which they were kept was run by one of Count Dooku's most skilled Dark Jedi, Artel Darc. Shaak Ti led a prison revolt along with her attachment of clones to free the prisoners and defeat the confederate forces on Dagu. In the end, Shaak Ti struck down Darc, and was rewarded with a medal by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for her victory.

Galen Marek's List

Shaak Ti was put on Galen Marek (AKA Starkiller's) hitlist for jedi needed to be killed who survived order 66, Shaak Ti was confronted by, and met her unfortunate death in battle with Starkiller at the mouth of a Sarlacc she was defending from being killed by the Empire.