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Team - Roboticized Masters EDIT  
The Combination of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily's mechanical genius: Using Eggman's Roboticizer to convert Mobians into Wily's style of Robot Masters.


The Roboticized Masters are a combination of Dr. Eggman's organic-to-mechanical technology and Dr. Wily's Robot Master technology.

The creations were made because the doctors were unable to send their creations to each other's world without having a native of that universe accompany them. By combining technology, a single robot could be used.

The members were kidnapped by the evil doctors using their creations Bass and Metal Sonic. The first was Tails, followed by more Sonic heroes. They are all given the suffix 'man' or 'woman' to their name in the fashion of the Robot Masters (so Tails became 'Tails Man,' etc.)

Current Masters and Abilites/weapons.

  • Tailsman- Flying and Observation.
  • Rosewoman- Hammer Hands
  • Knucklesman-
  • Shadowman-