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Starring: Flash Thompson as Venom

With Siege over, it is time for a "Heroic Age" and we see a familiar face in a place we've never seen him before! Due to his bravery and reputation, Flash Thompson is now the new Venom ! Funded by the U.S. Government, this Venom is armed with weapons such as machine guns, grenades, and sedatives to battle out his countries enemies in the most covert missions ever displayed by the military!

We first see Flash as Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man #654 and then again with his first mission in The Amazing Spider-Man #654.1.

Flash's adventures continue in his solo series "Venom." Set with 20 missions and only 48 hours per "bonding," Venom is sent to Nrosvekistan, Eastern Europe to find an arms dealer named Doctor Ekmecic. He soon encounters a new Jack O' Lantern who is also interested in the capture of Doctor Ekmecic, but for different reasons. The two battle and Venom becomes familiar with his new archenemy! The series continues throughout Savage Land and then New York as Flash battles Kraven the Hunter, countless terrorists, and even Spider-Man as he searches to stop illegally transported Vibranium. Eventually he is even forced to rescue his current love interest, Betty Brant, from the clutches of the Crime Master! Along with these issues, Venom crosses-over with Spider-Island during issues #6, #7 and #8.

Flash's first mission has been reprinted in Venom: Flashpoint.

Collected Editions

  • Venom Vol. 1 (#1-5)
  • Spider-Island (#6-9)
  • Circle of Four (#10-14, 13.1-13.4)
  • The Savage Six (#15-22)
  • Venom: Devil's Pack (#23-25 and 28-30)
  • Carnage: Minimum Carnage (#26-27)