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From the 2000AD and Megazine world of Judge Dredd - Slick Dickens is a creation of Mega-City writer Truman Kaput.

Slick is a stylish killer, whopreferring to wear flamboyantly "retro" outfits. Slick Dickens is a master of hand to hand combat and proficient with fire arms. Slick's arch - enemy , is Judge Dredd, he always kills, but Dredd keeps miraculously recovering to have another taste of Dickens. At least in print....

The author, Truman, is currently serving time in an ISO-Cube for his malicious writings and with each new imprint of a Slick Dickens novel is confronted and sentenced by Dredd himself. Each time Truman sticks to his defense "I'm a writer, I have to write".