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Bomb Queen was an original member of The Four Queens, a group of female villains that terrorized and ruled the city of New Port . Once they defeated the remaining super-heroes in the city the Queens grew bored and concocted a scam to get millions of dollars from the government by pretending to be heroes who were under the evil influence of Bomb Queen, the only member who didn't posses any actual super powers all her skills were aided by technology.


The original Bomb Queen series was entirely written and drawn by Jimmie Robinson, with coloring by Angel Marin, and published by Image.

Character Evolution

Bomb Queen has been fairly consistent over her run so far. She remains the sexually perverted ruler of New Port who is totally amoral, killing at random and utterly self-serving.

In later issues she becomes more interested in the events outside her own city, where originally she prefers to remain isolated and dealing with the problems of her city only, and becomes more politically motivated.

Major Story Arcs

Bomb Queen was originally part of a quartet of supervillains called The Four Queens, who reigned over New Port City. When all the super-heroes in town were finally defeated or slain, the Queens turned on each other. Bomb Queen emerged as the victor, and took control over the local government.

Bomb Queen founded New Port City's "No Heroes" law, (outlawing superheroes) which made the town a magnet for criminals across America. This pleased politicians in Washington, D.C., due to the lowered crime rates in other states. However, the government was not happy with the self-elected leadership of Bomb Queen. Various smear campaigns having failed to dent her immense public popularity, the government turned to other options.

Bomb Queen's rule over the city (and her cavalier attitude to crime) caused the city to flourish. The city coffers were overflowing with laundered money, which caused New Port City to rival Las Vegas. This also resulted in private local TV stations, Intranet, and regional cable stations being allowed to air unrated content - often of Bomb Queen herself, in pornographic movies filmed from her fortified townhouse.

The restriction of the city limits kept Bomb Queen confined in her city of crime, but also present extreme danger if she were to ever leave - where the law is ready and waiting. This was illustrated in the one-shot comic, Bomb Queen vs. Blacklight (Aug. 2006). Bomb Queen, in disguise, traveled to Las Vegas in search of a weapon prototype at a gun convention and encountered the superheroine Blacklight.


Bomb Queen is never seen without her black cat, Ashe. The animal has mysterious origins and is connected to the Mayans of South America. The cat's powers have saved the day in numerous situations, such as the finale of the Bomb Queen vs. Blacklight oneshot. Later on, Ashe is murdered, but in reality, Ashe is the physical manifestation of a demon whose realm nexus is New Port City, and can manipulate the rage of its citizens, notably Bomb Queen.

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Durability: Bomb Queen cannot be affected by bomb explosions. She can withstand the explosion of four hand grenades tied to her chest with little pain.

Superior Strength: Her strength level is unknown, however she has stated and proven to have superior strength. She can go toe-to-toe with Ace Justice, She-Spawn, Blacklight and other supers in melee combat.

Healing Factor: When she took Samhain's blood, she was able to heal from any wound immediatly. However she was capable of healing without scars even before that, and even healing a death wound from She-Spawn's hand scythe.

Energy Bombs Generation: When she inhaled Bomb Teen's DNA, she gained her abilities to create Energy Bombs. After the Artifact joined with her body, she is able to do that out of thin air as well as within a person's bodyThe power soucrce of her powers was her connection with Desarak/Ashe who used her as a conduit for the energy of hatred he generated when he used her to fuel The Artifact used to grow his power and create a war between New Port City and the world. However when she was killed by She-Spawn and went to the underworld she took the Artifact and hid it inside her body (inside her vagina as it was "a perfect fit"). After she returned to the real world the artifact was fused withing her, meaning that she doesnt need Ashe's powers to fuel her energy bombs. After Ashe was killed by Poochie, she became even more powerful and is now able to energy bombs within a person's body.

Hate Empowerment: She can absorb energy from hate, as demonstrated when she absorbed Ashe's power and hate when they fought in the underwolrd.

Powers as Spawnqueen

When she was in the Underworld, her conection to Ashe was broken and her energy bombs' power was gone, however she could her inner hellspawn and transform into one. However she could only do that in the underworld.

Transformation: She could transform into a hellspawn persona, which she called Spawnqueen. In this form she had other powers such as:

  • Flight: She could fly with the wings in her forearms guards. She could also use the wings as a blade weapon.
  • Superhuman Strength: She was capable of cutting off a giant monster's head witn ease.
  • Life Essence Absorption: She can abosorb the life essence of those creatures she kills in this form. When she does this she claims to experience an orgasm.


Genius Level: She possess a genius level intellect and created her own Occularium after the original was destroyed.

Bomb Expert: Bomb Queen's most notorious ability is her knowledge of bombs. She has created can create bombs in different sizes and intensities and can uses them with great proficiency.

Skilled Fighter: Bomb Queen has years of fighting experience that allows her to defeat enemies with superpowers before she gets hers.

Skilled Acrobat: She is an excellent acrobat capable of many difficult feats, often displayed when she moves in across the city and dodging her enemies attacks.