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Issue - Batman The Black Glove Deluxe EDIT  

The ever-victorious Dark Knight has faced many clear and present evils - The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow - but can he be ready for terrors that remain unseen?

In this startling collection, Batman is revealed to be a Father! Talia, the daughter of archvillain Ra's Al Ghul, appears with a young boy named Damian who she claims is the Dark Knight's son. Determined to do the right thing, Bruce Wayne takes in the young boy, but thanks to the indoctrination of the League of Assassins, this angry child hides sinister depths...

Meanwhile, a menacing adversary known only as the Black Glove is hellbent on manipulating Batman behind the scenes - he has carefully placed a traitorous mole in the midst of a group of heroes, dedicated to Batman-like acts. The Black Glove is brilliant and utterly evil, and is the man who will eventually be responsible for the Dark Knight's death in a story that culminates in BATMAN R.I.P.

To stop this malicious mastermind, Batman must push the limits both mentally and physically. Will he be able to rip free the blinds and see the evils lurking around him?

From the inspired minds of comics guru Grant Morrison (ACTION COMICS, ALL STAR SUPERMAN) and artists Andy Kubert (FLASHPOINT), J.H. Williams III (BATWOMAN) and Tony S.Daniel (DETECTIVE COMICS) comes an astonishing tale of Batman's darkest hours.