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Slave Girl first appears on Sextillion where she is held as a prostitute. The Will soon kills her pimp and attempts to leave with her but is stopped by Mama Sun who owns the girl. She offers The Will to buy out Slave Girl for 650.000 - more then The Will's shop ship is worth.

Slave Girl next appears in The Will's weird dream that suddenly ends when Slave Girl mumbles weird things and her eyes suddenly become the eyes of a lizard with an eerie look in her face and blood in her mouth. Later, The Will manages to rescue Slave Girl with the help of Gwendolyn and Lying Cat.


Slave Girl was created by Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. Slave Girl's first appearance was in Image Comics' Saga #4.

Major Story Arcs


On board of The Will's spaceship, Slave Girl appears to be capable of hearing voices of objects. She says Gwendolyn's necklace would be sad and missing its old friends; finally hearing them again, not far away. The old friends appear to be the engagement rings that Gwendolyn gave Marko. Slave Girl then points into the direction of the rings.

In another daydream or hallucination, The Stalk is telling The Will to stop hunting down the robot, Prince Robot IV, that killed her and settle down with that Gwen chick, maybe adopt Slave Girl, and give the poor kid an actual name someday. Later when Gwendolyn tells The Will his yelling woke up Slave Girl, The Will says that's not her name, from now on they would call her Sophie.