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On an early spring evening in New York City, several events take place: in an alley , obeying the telepathic orders of his unseen master, the Zombie that was once Simon Garth abducts a homeless teen; Hannibal King, the vampire detective, goes to a nightclub frequented by occult dabblers for leads in his search for Garth and the Amulet of Damballah that controls the Zombie; Lilith, Dracula's daughter, invades the lab of Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, demanding the whereabouts of Morbius, and instead learns of Weisenthal's just completed cure for the living vampire's affliction, which enrages her to the point of killing the scientist; and uptown, Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane are ending a pleasant date night, as Peter leaves to assist firefighters at a blaze.

After rescuing a woman from the inferno, Spider-Man is approached by Lilith, disguised a Lily Drake, a magazine journalist who claims to be researching a story about Morbius. Acting on the tip, he leaves to check Morbius' usual haunts. Meanwhile, at a club called the Voodoo Lounge, King is introduced by the owner, Topaz, to Colette, niece of Brother Voodoo. Colette tells King the Amulet is in the hands of Lilith, and where he can find her.

At Club Jugular, the establishment King cased earlier, Peter continues his search, and soon crosses paths with Lilith. At this point, King shows up, shoving Peter out of the way and confronting Lilith. As the two vampires scuffle, Peter rejoins the fray as Spider-Man. Lilith tosses Spidey out a window, while her vampire lackeys restrain King. Lilith decides King is a much better candidate than Morbius to rule Earth's vampires at her side. Spider-Man re-enters the club, and Lilith and her vampires take their leave.

Spider-Man and King try to deduce where Lilith's lair may be, and drawing up a list of several likely spots to investigate, they split up to cover more ground. During Spidey's search, however, he comes across the Zombie on a rampage, and tries to stop him. But the Zombie knocks him out and carries him away into the subway tunnels.

Soon, King catches sight of two of Lilith's minions, and follows them to an abandoned office building. Inside, he finds the unconscious Spider-Man and is ambushed and bound by vampires. Lilith makes King her offer and he pretends to agree so he can snatch the Amulet that hangs around her neck. King orders the Zombie to free Spider-Man, then the three of them fight the bloodsuckers. During the battle, a shuttered window is smashed, letting in the rays of the dawning sun. Lilith's vampires are destroyed, but she makes her escape.

The next morning, Peter relates his adventure to Mary Jane, still claiming to doubt the existence of true vampires.

That night in New Orleans, King delivers the crated Zombie and the Amulet to Donna Garth, Simon's daughter.