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Current Events

Alana decided the best place to take her family was to her favourite book's author: D. Oswald Heist.


Alana is a member of a winged species native to the planet Landfall. Drafted into the army after she failed out of college, she was a poor soldier who was reprimanded for cowardice after her first combat action. Reassigned to the planet Cleave as a prison guard, she met Marko and helped him escape.


Alana was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. She first appeared in issue number one of Saga..

Powers and Abilities

Alana has basic marksmanship training. Although other members of her species have been shown flying, Alana apparently can't. Whether this is because of a ritual that crippled her wings or whether her recent pregnancy made her too heavy hasn't been established.

Major Story Arcs

Twelve hours after she was assigned to guard the prisoner Marko, she had escaped the prison with him. They managed to evade detection for fifteen months, until they were recorded by an ATM camera. In the footage, Alana was visibly pregnant, and she and Marko were wearing wedding rings. This caused a scandal for both of their respective governments, which caused them to send soldiers after them to try and kill them before word got out of their relationship. While hiding in a garage, she gave birth to a daughter. Unbeknownst to them, the person who had agreed to hide them had actually sold them out. Soon afterward, she and Marko were attacked by soldiers from both of their governments, and only managed to escape when the soldiers killed each other. Taking a map from the man who sold them out, she and Marko are on a journey to find the Rocketship Forest in order to find a ship to help them escape the planet..