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Early Life

Ray is Gambit and Rogue's other child, and Olivier's sister; not much is known of her life after the death of her mother, and before her reuniting with her brother and his friends in India. It's all left up to speculation.

As a child she and her brother along with the summers-Frost children were captured by Mr. Sinister. She showed much level headed-ness and leadership ability in the face of certain danger. After they were rescued and her mother apparently died a rift grew in her family. She remained at her fathers side still and is the only means of communication between her brother Oli and Father Gambit.

Daddy's Girl

Also of note is her love for music, particularly that of the Jazz variety. Since her capture ordeal she has retained close ties with the Frost-Summers children.

Joining Genext

She aids GeNEXT in their battle with the Goddess Kalima and reunites her family as she gets gambit and oli back on talking terms. She later decides to stay at Xaviers with GeNEXT with her fathers blessings.

  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: unknown
  • Marital Status: Presumed single
  • Occupation: Thief and occasional adventurer

Powers and abilities

She appears to be able to fly under her own power, the nature of which has not been revealed. She also appears to have a degree of super strength though she can only lift around 5 tons.

Ray using her flight power

Her skill with a bo-staff is also considerable as are her skills in Savate.


Known Relatives:


Gambit/ Remy (Father), Anna Raven/Rogue/Anna Raven (Mother), Oliver Raven (Brother)

Known Relatives: Mothers side

Owen ( grand father, deceased), Priscilla (grandmother, deceased), Carrie (grandaunt, deceased), Raven Darkholme aka Mystique (unofficial foster grandmother), Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler (adoptive Uncle), Irene Adler aka Destiny (second unofficial foster grandmother, deceased), Kymri (Aunt), Talia/Talia/Nocturne (Cousin), Tj wagner (Cousin), cerise wagner (cousin).

Known Relatives: Fathers side

Jean-Luc Lebeau (adoptive grandfather), Henry LeBeau (adoptive uncle, deceased), Theoren Marceaux (cousin), Etienne Marceaux (cousin, deceased).