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Shock troops from Apokolips who keep order for Darkseid and act as advance forces in battle.


The original Parademons were created at the behest of Darkseid. He had the first Parademons genetically engineered in the laboratories of Apokolips, and then sent to Granny Goodness, who instilled in them an interminable sense of loyalty to Darkseid, as well as a mindless desire to obey his will. Darkseid organized these newly-created soldiers into ranks with the intention that they would serve as his shock troops and personal soldiers, a role which they have occupied ever since.



The Parademons were created by Jack Kirby.


Major Story Arcs

In most story arcs, Parademon troops are used as the advanced force for invasions or battles. They are also used as multi-purpose backup or retrieval units, who are utilized for a number of plot-related tasks, such as capturing or pursuing people, retrieving important items, or putting down rebellions on Apokolips.


Powers and Abilities

Parademons possess superhuman strength and endurance, and have been shown to have a high threshold for pain. They are not particularly intelligent, and most appear to have rudimentary or nonexistent communication skills, though a few have developed the ability to talk. Most also lack a concept of self-awareness or self-determination, and are largely unthinking slaves to Darkseid's will. They tend to rely on sheer volume to overwhelm opponents, and are rarely encountered on their own. Despite this, they are ruthlessly efficient and experienced soldiers. They have access to Apokaliptan weaponry, and all Pardemons are fully versed in their use. They are also capable of flight via the standard-issue Apokaliptan armour that all Parademons wear.


Alternate Versions


Parademons appear in their traditional role as soldiers on Apokolips in the Marvel and DC jointly released series JLA/Avengers.

In Other Media


The Super Friends 


The Super Friends The Super FriendsThe Super Friends:

Parademons, going by the parent-friendly name "para-drones," appear in a number of episodes of the Super Friends series, making their first appearance in the season nine episode "The Seeds of Doom"




The Parademons made their first appearances in the DCAU in Superman: The Animated Series, featuring in both parts of the two-part episodes "Apokolips... Now!", "Little Girl Lost" and "Legacy". They make their next appearance in the second season Justice League episode "Twilight (Of The Gods)", and in the Justice League Unlimited episodes "The Ties That Bind", "Alive", and "Destroyer!" In all of these episodes the Parademons played a role identical to the one they occupy in the comics.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

Parademons appear in their traditional role in the episodes "The Knights of Tomorrow!" and "Darkseid's Descending" in which they work as backup for Kalibak and in the force that invades Earth.


Superman/ Batman: Apocalypse: Apocalypse  


Parademons make an appearance as soldiers on Apokolips.


Video Games

Justice League Heroes Justice League Heroes:

Parademons appear as antagonists that the player must face before taking on Darkseid.