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Abraham first appears along with Rosita and Eugene on Hershel's farm shortly after the events of the prison. Abraham explains the purpose of their visit to the survivors which is to re-aquire supplies for their trip to Washington, and invite the other survivors to tag along.Mayor


Ford was created by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. His first appearance was in Image's The Walking Dead #53.

Major Story Arcs

Initially there is hostility between Abraham and the others, particularly with Rick Grimes. One night when Maggie Hershel attepts suicide, he is close to placing a bullet in her head before she comes around, even when Rick places a gun to his head and ordering him not to. The way Rick spoke back to Abraham enraged him, and the next morning almost killed him if a zombie hadnt intervened and attacked, resulting in Abraham saving Rick.

During a slight detour back to Rick's hometown, they run into a group of bandits who attempt to rape Carl. Abraham assists in rescuing him and stops Carl from watching Rick beat down one of them. The next morning Rick and Abraham bond after it is apparent that they have suffered similar losses.

Prior to meeting up with the survivors, Abraham was a sports coach, who with his family were living with a community hiding from the undead. One day after returning from a scavange mission with Rosita, he discovered his wife and daugher had been raped and killed by the rest of the community, resulting in Abraham killing the culprits and estranging himself from the group. It was then that he discovered Eugene and began the journey to Washington in hope to find a society still intact.

After gathering some supplies from Rick and Carl's hometown, and recruiting Morgan Jones, the four of them make the trip back to the survivors. It is during this trip that they stumble upon The Herd (the largest any of them had seen), and immediatly try to break through resulting in the car been totaled. On foot Carl is nearly killed if it werent for the brave act of Abraham who picked him up with one arm and carried him along.

Upon regrouping with the rest of the team, the survivors make a quick and frantic get away from the herd, and on their way to Washington DC


  • Resembles famous Chicano actor Danny Trejo