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Maggie is the younger daughter of Hershel Greene. She is married to Glenn and is also pregnant.
Maggie Greene

Current EventsAt this moment in time

Maggie is travelling to The Hilltop with Glenn and Sophie thinking it will be a safer place to bring up their future son/daughtermourning a great loss at The Hilltop which happened during The Walking Dead #100 - Something To Fear, Part Four.


Maggie and Glenn in happier times

Maggie was one of the daughters of Hershel Greene. When Otis shot Carl Grimes by accident, Hershel helped Carl and Rick and his friends met the Greene family. At that moment, Maggie met Glenn and they fell in love, and after the zombie attack that took the life of Arnold and Lacey Greene, Rick and Hershel had a fight that forced Rick to continue his journey with his family. Glenn stayed at the

Greene farm due to his love to Maggie.


Maggie Greene was created by Robert Kirkman and her Charlie Adlard. Her first appearance was in Image Comic's The Walking Dead #10 - Miles Behind Us 4.

Major Story Arcs

The Prison

Maggie's end?

Later, when Rick found the prison, he managed to convince the Greene family to move with them. There the life seemed to be bearable even tough one disturbed inmate killed Maggie's younger sisters; Rachel and Susie. Despite all the tragedy, Glenn and Maggie got married with Hershel's blessing and Maggie even thought that she wanted to have a child, just like Lori. But in a world surrounded by death, life is evanescent and futile. The Governor from Woodbury attacked the prison, where Maggie and the rest of the group were living. Dale and Andrea decided to escape before it was too late. Maggie, Glenn, Sophia and the Allen's twin children escaped with them. But Hershel and Billy Greene remained in the prison with Rick. They thought they could fight back the Governor's assault.

Maggie and the rest of the group fled to the Hershel farm, where one day Maggie and Glenn came across Rick, Michonne and Carl again. But their happiness was suddenly turned into grief when she found out that neither his father or his brother managed to survive the attack. This tragedy cracked Maggie's mind until she decided she couldn't cope with all the death in her world any further. She decided to commit suicide, hanging herself, breaking at the same time Glenn's heart. But Glenn couldn't give up so easy. He tried to rescue her, cutting the ropes and even trying to perform CPR. But Abraham, one of the new survivors they've found, didn't want to take a chance and tried to shot Maggie in the head. Rick threatened to do the same to Abraham if he decides to shoot Maggie and with the tension reaching dangerous levels, Maggie returned. But not as a zombie, for their friends relief, only awakening from the blackout. She gave Glenn a hug, excusing herself for her silly decision. Maggie joined the group once more.

TV Show

Other Media


The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan as Maggie

Maggie also appears in The Walking Dead TV Show she is played by Lauren Cohan. Her first appearance is in the second episode of the second season. Maggie is a 23 year old farm girl daughter of Hershel Greene. In the third season Maggie was promoted to the main cast and she's played by Lauren Cohan.