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Bobbi and Ka-Zar

Barbara Morse graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in biology and passed her Civil Service examination so she could work with her biology professor, Dr. Wilma Calvin, on the government-sponsored project to rediscover the Super-Soldier formula that created Captain America. While in the government's employ, Morse's exemplary record came to the attention of SHIELD and she was invited to undertake training in her spare time. A champion gymnast in high school, Morse excelled at both the physical regimen and arts of espionage taught to all field agents. When Dr. Theodore Sallis, a maverick scientist also working on the Super-Soldier project, disappeared, Morse was given her first field assignment: to accompany SHIELD agent Paul Allen, suspected of being a traitor, to the Antarctic paradise known as the Savage Land in order to enlist the services of the hero Ka-Zar to find Sallis. Allen and Morse succeeded in contacting Ka-Zar and took him to the Florida Everglades. Although Sallis was never found (unbeknownst to them, he had been transformed into the Man-Thing), Ka-Zar and Morse flushed out a splinter group of the subversive organization AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) who were attempting to steal the Super-Soldier formula, and revealed Allen to be a member. SHIELD director Nick Fury assigned Morse as an escort to Ka-Zar during his stay in civilization, and the two managed to thwart yet another attempt by AIM to seize the Super-Soldier formula. Though Barbara Morse became romantically involved with Ka-Zar, she could not convince him to forsake the Savage Land. Preferring field work over biology, Morse was given another assignment: to trail the subversive El Tigre in South America. Coincidentally, this mission also took her to the Savage Land, where she renewed her acquaintance of Ka-Zar. Completing the assignment with the Jungle Lord's aid, she returned to SHIELD.


Mockingbird was created by Len Wein and Neal Adams, however their story (featuring her with Man-Thing) was delayed to where her first appearance was in Astonishing Tales #6 in June 1971 in a story written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Barry Smith and Bill Everett. She first appeared as Mockingbird in Marvel Team-Up Issue 95 (1980).

Character Evolution

Silver Age

1st Mockingbird costume

Barbara Morse's very first appearance actually depicted her as a brunette and suggested she had some kind of psychic ability to 'feel' people in her mind. For whatever reason, this ability has never since been referred to as the current Barbara Morse possesses no superhuman abilities. The Len Wein/Neal Adams story (when it was finally published in Astonishing Tales #12) showed her as a scientist whose work on the super-soldier serum brings her into contact with Man-Thing. This early story arc introduced her connection to SHIELD. During the next few years, Bobbi was featured as a SHIELD agent and sidekick/romantic interest to Ka-Zar, but the introduction of Shanna eventually pushed her out of Ka-Zar's affections.

Bronze Age

During the late 70's to 80's Barbara became a solo character, gained her first proper costume and adopted the name 'Mockingbird' for the first time (in Marvel Team-Up #95). She was almost called 'Huntress' but the creation of the DC character of that name in 1977 forced Mark Gruenwald and Steven Grant to go with the new name. Bobbi's first team up with Hawkeye was during this period and that brought her into the world of the Avengers, as she is revealed to be his wife.

Modern Age

Mockingbird's most prominent role then came as a member of the new team the West Coast Avengers starting in 1984. Her relationship with Hawkeye breaks down during this time. In Avengers West Coast #100 she apparently dies - this was later retconned by the Secret Invasion storyline which showed that she had been abducted and replaced by a Skrull posing as her who died in her stead. Since that time, the real Bobbi has returned as a member of the New Avengers team, and has featured again as Hawkeye's on-again off-again love interest.

Major Story Arcs


As the Huntress

Bobbi's next assignment was guarding a SHIELD lawyer who was to testify before a Congressional committee investigating some of SHIELD's overseas activities. When the lawyer was killed in a suspicious explosion, the head of the committee, believing the assassination to have been an inside job, asked Morse to work directly for the U. S. government to root out subversives within SHIELD. Dropping out of SHIELD, Morse assumed the costumed identity of the Huntress and, traveling to SHIELD's Mexico City headquarters, managed to expose the corruption of local division chief Rico Santana. From there she began her own investigations into some of SHIELD's other divisional operations, looting data banks and compiling evidence of corruption. Taking the new codename Mockingbird (from an operation for the C.I.A. involving Nick Fury before his own recruitment by SHIELD), Morse planned to take the evidence to Nick Fury himself.


While in SHIELD's Manhattan branch, local director Carl Delandan, himself guilty of numerous infractions, attempted to stop Mockingbird with the unwitting aid of the hero Spider-Man. Although Delandan managed to destroy the microfilm she carried, Mockingbird revealed his treachery to Nick Fury before she was shot by agents acting under Delandan's orders. While she recovered in a private hospital, Nick Fury conducted a vast "housekeeping" sweep through SHIELD's many divisions, exposing dozens of subversives within the ranks. When Mockingbird was released from the hospital, she was decorated for her meritorious service but resigned to become a free agent and adventurer. Her investigation of Cross Technological Enterprises for an unnamed client brought her into conflict with the hero Hawkeye, who was then employed as CTE's security director. She and Hawkeye soon learned that CTE was knowingly manufacturing the components for a machine designed to brainwash superhuman beings with ultrasonics. Antagonistic at first, the two joined forces to thwart the machine's contractor, Crossfire, and his hirelings, Oddball and Bombshell.

The Avengers

Mockingbird and Hawkeye

Mockingbird proposed to Hawkeye at the successful conclusion of the case and the two eloped. Soon after, Hawkeye was appointed by the hero team Avengers to head the team's new West Coast-based team. Mockingbird agreed to join her husband. and became a member in good standing of the West Coast Avengers for a long tenure. However, in one of the Avenger's exploits, Mockingbird was left behind in the Old West, and at the mercy of that period's Phantom Rider, who used potions and drugs to bend Mockingbird to his will. Coming to her senses, she fought the Rider, but allowed him to fall to his death after he tried unsuccessfully to kill her. Although she was soon rescued by her teammates and brought back to the present, she kept her activities in the past a secret. The Phantom Rider's ghost then began tormenting her, and later convinced Hawkeye that Mockingbird had "murdered" him. The secret exposed, it caused an ethical dispute which ultimately estranged Mockingbird from both Hawkeye and the Avengers.

Mockingbird left with teammates Tigra and Moon Knight, and together they tried to form a team on their own, fighting the forces of the villainous High Evolutionary. Eventually, the three exorcised the ghost of the Phantom Rider with the help of the former Defenders Hellstrom and Hellcat. The three heroes went their separate ways shortly after. At this point, a coalition of world governments duped Mockingbird into organizing the capture of the Avenger Vision, who had just then returned to active duty and previously attempted to take over the world. Realizing her error, Mockingbird helped the Avengers recover the Vision, but her part in the kidnapping fostered the feelings of ill-will, and Mockingbird left once again.

When investigating a Midwestern team of novice adventurers calling themselves the Great Lakes Avengers, Mockingbird was reunited with Hawkeye, who was also investigating the team. The two began to resolve their differences while agreeing to mentor the Great Lakes Avengers. Mockingbird remained with the new team when Hawkeye returned to the Avengers West Coast branch soon after. Eventually this prompted Mockingbird to rejoin as well, this time as reserve member, and, later, as a full active member. Then, Ultron abducts her and uses her thought patterns and personality to create his second robotic 'wife' Alkhema. By that time, Hawkeye and Mockingbird had realized how much they still loved each other and finally fully reconciled, calling off their divorce before it became final. The couple's renewed bliss proved short-lived, though, when Mockingbird was slain in action by the demon Mephisto when the team were escaping from his realm. Mockingbird had thrown herself in front of Hawkeye to save him from Mephisto's mystic blast of energy. Her soul was trapped to fight eternally in the Arena of Tainted Souls.


Mockingbird in the realm of the dead

Mockingbird was one of several deceased Avengers temporarily resurrected by the villainous Grim Reaper to serve him against the Avengers. She shook off the Reaper's control with her teammates and helped the Avengers defeat him before returning to the realm of the dead once more. Before returning, Mockingbird left a hint to the Avengers based what she had somehow learned regarding a plot of the now-underworld leader Hellstrom. This led to the resurrection of then-deceased Hellcat by Hawkeye and his new team, the Thunderbolts, who were actually attempting to rescue Mockingbird. Later, when Hellcat returned to the underworld embroiled in a plot between Mephisto, Hellstrom, and the alien Dormammu, she tried to convince Mockingbird to escape with her. Mockingbird refused, opting to stay in the Arena of Tainted Souls, implying there was a higher purpose for her to do so. She is later seen attending a book club in the realm of the dead along with Gwen Stacy and Dead Girl. However it seems all these postmortem appearances were in fact the skrull that replaced Bobbi years before, just prior to her abduction by Ultron.



During the Skrull's " Secret Invasion," it was revealed that Bobbi had been replaced by a Skrull, H'rpra, who had subsequently died while impersonating her. At the end of the Skrull war, Iron Man brought a Skrull ship down to Earth that contained the prisoners the Skrulls had replaced. Among the prisoners was Mockingbird. Upon seeing Clint, she asked him what he was wearing (since he had the Ronin suit on). They kissed and all seemed well. She later attends a group meeting to help Skrull abductees deal with their experiences.

Bobbi then starts using a new costume and starts up the 'World Counter-terrorism Agency' (the W.C.A, in homage to West Coast Avengers), which is a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were kidnapped by Skrulls. Together, she and Ronin take down A.I.M's Supreme scientist Monica Rappacini, who was trying to recruit Bobbi. Bobbi and Clint decide to re-start their romance but decide to remain un-married and they become a part of the New Avengers together. As a part of the team Bobbi helps fight Hood's super criminal gang and Dormammu. She also learns of Spider-Man's true identity. Whilst fighting the Wrecking Crew in Times Square, the other members of the team are taken out by Jonas Harrow's power inhibitor device. The only one left standing, Bobbi has to fight the deadly team alone, and puts up a good fight for a while but is then ultimately beaten, but is saved by Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. Later she arrives with a Quinjet to rescue her colleagues.

After the Utopia storyline, which resulted in Mutants having to call an artificial island home, Clint becomes angered and vows to kill Norman Osborn but the other Avengers object, so Clint goes alone, resulting in his capture. Mockingbird then leads a rescue mission with the New Avengers women Spider-Woman, Jewel and Ms.Marvel who rescue him. She then takes part in the rescue mission during Norman Osborn's Siege on Asgard.

Heroic Age

Heroic Age

After the Siege, Steve Rogers gathers many Avengers, past and present, in order to create new Avengers teams. Bobbi secretly hoped that he wasn't creating a new West Coast Avengers team. Bobbi remained on Luke Cage's ' New Avengers' team and starts living at the newly re-built Avengers Mansion with Clint, who has returned to his Hawkeye identity. The team then go on their first mission involving magic.

Hawkeye joins Bobbi and the W.C.A. organization, and becomes an operative. During their time with the organization it's revealed that eight years ago, Bobbi's mother was told that she was dead in order to protect her while Bobbi was working with S.H.I.E.L.D. and that she is still unaware that she is alive. Hawkeye is dispatched to bring Bobbi's mother to New York and reveals to her the truth about her daughter. Shocked at how she lied to her and Clint, she slaps Bobbi expressing how she grieved for her. Bobbi storms out and shouts at Clint for bringing her mother, telling him that she never un-masked for a reason. Bobbi storms away from Clint, furious at him. Later, the mercenary known as Crossfire and the new Phantom Rider, Jaime Slade, target the pair and put their plan in action. Bobbi catches Slade watching her while Crossfire tries to assassinate Bobbi's mother who is with Clint. He shoots her but misses the kill shot. Bobbi rushes to the hospital, blaming Clint for not keeping her mother in safety. She then decides to go straight after the two. Bobbi and Hawkeye find Crossfire's base but a bomb placed by Slade goes off. Bobbi and Hawkeye pretend they are dead so they can trap Crossfire and Slade in return. With the help of Hamilton Slade, the two defeat Jaime, the Phantom Rider (who had possessed Jaime) and Crossfire in the Nevada desert, but when Hawkeye almost kills Crossfire he is wracked by guilt and breaks up with Bobbi.


Following the defeat of Crossfire and Jaime Slade, Mockingbird and Hawkeye discover that Japanese and Russian spies around the world are being targeted and killed, and that they are also on the hit list. They team up with Dominic Fortune and Black Widow (she is also being targeted) and find out that the Dark Ocean Society and a new Ronin are behind the killings. After being attacked by the Supreme Soviets, Mockingbird goes with Fortune to Kamchatka while Black Widow and Hawkeye go to Japan to look into the Society. They all regroup on the Kuril Islands near Japan and together defeat the Ronin who is revealed as Alexi Shostakov.



While on a mission with the New Avengers investigating Superia and some ex- HAMMER agents, Mockingbird is shot in the chest and seriously injured. Spider-Man, the Thing and Dr.Strange rush her to hospital, where the doctors take her into surgery, where they say they've never heard of an Avenger called Mockingbird and wondering why someone that doesn't have any super powers is in that line of work. Whilst on the table she starts to flatline and enters a code blue, from there, the doctors start to resuscitate her. Unable to fully heal her, the doctors give up. Luckily when the Avengers defeat Superia as she tries to flee, Nick Fury arrives on the scene, revealing that she had been in possession of a secret consignment of the Infinity Formula that gave him his long life. The team bring the formula to Mockingbird and use it to revive her, leaving Nick concerned about the effect that long life will have on her when everyone around her dies and she remains alive. The formula is a success and Bobbi wakes up.

Fear Itself

Bobbi gains super powers

After waking, Bobbi makes a startlingly fast recovery thanks to the serum. Bobbi discharged herself from hospital and rejoined her team-mates back at the Mansion. Bobbi was overwhelmed by the reception she received from her team-mates, but what she really wanted was an opportunity to test her new found powers.Unfortunately this opportunity presented itself through the events of

Fear Itself. During the Blitzkrieg U.S.A. Bobbi and her team-mates join the battle against Sin's forces. She manages to withstand being thrown of a building after it explodes and collapses and immediately starts attacking the Nazi operated robots, jumping to super-human lengths and ripping through the robots, taking control of one and attacking the other robots with it. Taking down a large number of robots, Bobbi jumps out of one onto a near by building, while the robot she was operating causes a massive explosion. Just as Bobbi remarks that she likes the new her, she witnesses in horror, the destruction of the Avengers tower. She was instantly pulled out of herself, ashamed she was enjoying being alive. Realizing she was given a second chance for a reason, so that she could kill the Red Skull.

Secret Avengers

Mockingbird joins the Secret Avengers

After sticking around with the Avengers for quite some time Bobbi has been recruited back to S.H.I.E.L.D where she is accompanying both, the Black Widow and her former husband Hawkeye throughout missions.

Bobbi was first seen aiding Black Widow and Hawkeye as they were up against the Taskmaster, now she has been added with the duo and is currently on a special ops mission accopanied by S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Coulson. After infiltrating a base Bobbi and her teammates discovered a temporary disabled Jocasta.

Powers and Abilities

For almost all of her career, Bobbi has had no superpowers, she is a very accomplished athlete, and her skill in unarmed combat is said to rival that of Captain America. Her trademark weapons are a pair of battle-staves. These staves can be connected at the ends to create a Bo staff.

Recent exposure to a cross between the super soldier serum and the infinity formula have granted Bobbi powers. Although the full effects of the serum are unknown, she has displayed enhanced healing, super strength, durability and agility.

Alternate Realities

House Of M - Earth-53169

House Of M

Mockingbird was a part of Luke Cage's Human Resistance Group called the 'Avengers'. She is a former SHIELD agent who was phased out when mutants came to power. She becomes a costumed vigilante and starts a relationship with Hawkeye. After another argument between the two, Bobbi leaves to Wakanda while Hawkeye stays behind.

Marvel Zombies - Earth-2149

In the Marvel Zombies reality Mockingbird was a zombie as most others.

Last Avengers - Earth 9511

Mockingbird is a bitter retiree who looks after a blind Hawkeye. They both return to the avengers in the end to help fight Ultron, Kang and the Grim Reaper

Big Town

Mockingbird and Hawkeye are newlyweds and part of a Manhattan based Avengers. During a fight, Bobbi kills an assailant whilst defending Clint which leads to a fight between the two, with Hawkeye questioning how necessary they were. However, ironically, later Bobbi prevents herself from killing Quicksilver, who then goes on to kill Hawkeye.

Other Media


Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

Mockingbird's and Hawkeye's child, Francis Barton, appears in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Mockingbird in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Mockingbird initially appears in "Hulk vs the World" as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse, who works under Hawkeye and Black Widow's command, piloting the jet they were using to capture the Hulk. She next appears in "Widow's Sting" taking the code-name Mockingbird and dons a costume, becoming a real super-hero. She helps the Avengers fight against Hydra capture Black Widow whilst flirting with Avenger Hawkeye. Since her last appearance she has worked her way up in SHIELD as she was sent to keep an eye on the team by SHIELD higher ups. Madame Hydra and Baron Von Struker . She frees herself and helps defeat and capture Grim Reaper and Madame Hydra.

Mockingbird is highly featured in the first half of the second season on the show, in the Secret Invasion arc. After disappeared, Nick Fury re emerges with a secret group of Heroes consisting of Mockingbird, Black Widow and Quake. In the espisode "Who Do You Trust?", Nick Fury and Bobbi inform Maria Hill - the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. - about the possible invasion of the skrulls. He also informs Iron Man, an after falling into paranoia, the Avengers dissasemble. At the end of the episode it was revealed that Mockingbird was actually the Skrull Queen Veranke, who started posing as Bobbi after the events of "Widow's Sting", and she was orchestrating the events that leads to the Avengers dissolution (She even has a mole within the group - A skrull posing as Captain America).

In the episode "Prisoner of War", the real Captain America, captive in space on a Skrull ship, managed to escape, freeing some other prisioners ( Madame Hydra, Invisible Woman, Clay Quartermain, Scientist Supreme and Bobbi herself). All of them fight against the Skrulls and traveled back to earth. During the episode "Secret Invasion", the ship arrived just in time for the final confrontation, in which Mockingbird fights alongside the Avengers against the Skrulls. This is the last appearence of Bobbi in the Serie. She is voiced by Elizabeth Daily.

Mockingbird live-action series

Jeph Loeb announced at Comic-Con that a television series about Mockingbird is currently being developed for ABC Family. In it, Bobbi Morse will be a freshman in college who is later recruited into a spy organization.

Video Games

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Hawkeye´s West Coast Avengers in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Mockingbird appears in Hawkeye's ending in as a member of the new West Coast Avengers.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Mockingbird in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Mockingbird was the first unlockable character to be recruited via Special Operation mode (Spc Op 1: Don't Say A Word...).


Mockingbird in The Marvel Figurine Collection
  • Mockingbird was released as part of the "West Coast Avengers" pack of the Marvel Universe 3¾ toyline, with War Machine and Hawkeye.
  • Mockingbird was the 175th character released as part of Marvel Classic Figurine Collection.
  • Heroclix: Bobbi has two versions, one in her classic attire and one in her heroic age costume. She has a third one with sharing a base with Hawkeye as part of "Chaos War" collection.
  • She is part of Bowen Design Mini Busts.