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In the previous issue, The Latverian Crown Jewels were on display at the UN Building UN Building (where Dazzler where Dazzler was performing a benefit concert)  when when thieves attempted to steal the jewels. Allison managed to nab the to nab the would-be thieves only thieves only to discover they were a mere distraction put in place by Doctor Doom. Doom manages to escape to escape with the two the two things he desired, the enchanted Merlin Stone and Dazzler! Doctor Doom transports Dazzler to a parallel universe where she is forced to seek out a second Merlin Stone, which Doctor Doom believes will grant him limitless power. She arrives disoriented and under attack. Meanwhile, back in New York, the Human Torch tries unsuccessfully to get the rest of the Fantastic Four to help in the search for Dazzler. Despite numerous assaults by numerous hostile inhabitants of the parallel universe, Dazzler secures the Merlin Stone and is immediately returned to Earth. Allison tricks Doom's robot guards into destroying one another before laserbefore laser-beaming the beaming the stones into dust. She then manages to briefly get the upper-hand on Doom by unleashing a staggering dazzle-burst. He counters by blasting the ceiling above her, knocking her unconscious. Ready to finish Dazzler for good, Doom is interrupted by a surveillance screen showing the Human Torch approaching. Not ready for battle, Doom flees. The Human Torch arrives only to find Dazzler battered but breathing and weeps for his friend.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Advertisment, Iron Man in "The Charge of the Rhinos!"