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she is a 12 years old girl how can you put "attractive female" in the list of her abilities

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Lot of weirdos on this site.

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When Leonor Kensington committed suicide, her 37 pet cats and daughter Wilhelmina received her entire state. Wilhelmina was introduced as an 11-year-old pageant and martial arts enthusiast with little no morality at all.

Wilhelmina and her new "kitty."

She was in there when Kade Kilgore negotiated with the alien Bushels, and she was responsible for slaughtering all of them and reclaimed her new alien pets from them that she named "kitty." Using these creatures, the new Hellfire Club attacked and neutralized a heavy hitters group of the X-Men during the Museum of Mutant History's opening in San Francisco. She beat Emma Frost with her "kitty" creature.