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Caroline "Carrie" Keene Kelly as Robin

Caroline "Carrie" Keene Kelly was just thirteen years old when she was rescued by Batman from a merciless gang of street thugs. The girl idolized the Dark Knight, and secretly spent her lunch money to buy a costume in the hopes of one day catching her hero's attention, in order to become his sidekick. Armed with a slingshot and firecrackers, Carrie targeted con men, and eventually crossed paths with her idol. After saving Batman during a vicious fight with a gang known as The Mutants, the Dark Knight accepted her as the new Robin.

Carrie As Catgirl With Batman

Three years later, Carrie now goes by Catgirl, and is still Batman's trusted second-in-command. Now costumed in a leopard-print bodysuit complete with motorized skates, and an arm cannon that fired batarangs, Catgirl's primary duty was to oversee the Sons of Batman. They fought to save a world ruled by the tyrants Lex Luthor, and Brainiac. They helped to free heroes such as the Atom, Flash, and Plastic Man from unlawful imprisonment. Unfortunately, Catgirl severely wounded a Batboy that had murdered a pair of police officers, but subsequently broke down, and was offered a shoulder to cry on by Batman.

Later, Catgirl would attempt to take the life of the new Joker, eventually revealed to be a now homicidal Dick Grayson. Using acid, thermite, C4, and arrows, the Joker still managed to severely wound Catgirl's face. Believing that she was going to die, she admitted to the Dark Knight that she loved him. Ralph Dibny, also known as The Elongated Man, then rescued Catgirl while Batman put an end to the new Joker, once and for all.


Carrie was created by Frank Miller and her first appearance was in what some believe to be the best Batman story created: The Dark Knight Returns. She appears in first issue of this limited series story.

Ame-Comi Girls

Carrie appears on the new DC Comics Digital series and first appeared in Ame-Comi II: Batgirl #1. In this universe Carrie is Barbara Gordon's cousin and James Gordon's niece. She's also known as Robin, Batgirl's sidekick.

Powers And Abilities

Catgirl is a proficient martial artist and gymnast, skilled in the usage of a variety of conventional weaponry. An above-average athlete, she is in peak physical condition.


  • Motorized Skates - Grants Catgirl exceptional speed
  • Arm Cannon - Fires non-lethal "batarangs" to incapacitate her foes

Other Media

The New Batman Adventures

Robin in "Legends o the Dark Knight"

In the episode "Legends of the Dark Knight", a girl named Carrie, who closely resembles Carrie Kelley, is one of three children telling their interpretations of Batman. The story she tells is an adaptation of the scene in which Batman battles the mutants in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and includes herself as Carrie/Robin. She is voiced by Anndi McAfee .

The Dark Knight Returns: Part One

Carrie is set to appear in the first part of the animated comic book movie The Dark Knight Returns. She'll be voiced by Modern Family's actress Ariel Winter.

The Dark Knight Returns: Part Two

As well as part one she is featured in the second part of this 2 part movie.