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Earth-C and Roger Rabbit were first discovered when the Superman of Earth-One accidentally pierced an energy barrier created by a strange, glowing meteor that teleported him to the Earth-C dimension. Unaware at first that he was in an alternate dimension, he flew towards what he believed to be the parent office of Galaxy Communications. What he found instead was Wombat Communications, a media publishing house responsible for cartoons and comic books such as the JLA (Just'a Lotta Animals).

It was here that Superman first encountered mild-mannered artist Roger Rabbit. After a brief exchange, Roger began eating a mysterious glowing carrot. Unaware that anything was amiss, he soon developed a muscular physique, super-hearing and the ability to bunny-hop clear across the city. Roger donned a costume he acquired from a costume party and became the super-hero known as Captain Carrot. Across the country, other animals experienced similar transformations. Roger met with these super-powered critters and together with Superman they defeated Starro. Then (without Superman) they formed the Zoo Crew.

After the Crisis on Infinate Earths, it was revealed that Roger and all his allies from Earth-C and Earth-C-Minus were actually "alternate dimensions" rather than parallel Earths, and thus were spared from the effects of Crisis. Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew where seen in a Countdown comic book crossover and Starro was going to destroy Earth C. Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew help all the animals people on Boa's Ark to flee the Earth with the help from the JLA (Just'a Lotta Animals). Pig Iron appears to have given gave his life to save the boat and his team and the animal people from Starro. The New Dogs Boom tube them to another place to be safe to Earth 1. On Earth 1 Batman told the Justice League that a ship is going to crashed in to San Diego. The ship crashed safely to land by Zatanna's powers and the ship door open the Justice League where in shocked to see that it was all animals coming off the ship. The Justice Leaguers were shock to see animal's superhero costume's. Zatanna took Captain Carrot the rabbit for her magic show leaving behind the main Zoo Crew behind: the dog, turtle, cat, pig, duck, eagle. In the last issue of Final Crisis # 7. Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew got their powers back and were helping the team of Supermen fight a monster version of Superman.

New 52

Reimagined as a humanoid rabbit with a cybernetic limb and one eye, K'Rot leads Pig Iron, a humanoid swine who is second in command, and Sleen as their Captain on the planet Tolerance in the Tenebrian Dominion. Captain K'Rot is also trying to find what he needs and at the hear end of the 4 issue of Threshold the city was attacked by Superman enemy called Brainaic who is trying to take over the city and destroy it with his power. Captain K'Rot saw the slug master of the games to get Green Lantern and to be hunted. He saw a member of the group attacked and pulled the Green Slug heart out and killed him instantly and left. Captain K'rot said I should get back to the Zoo Crew Team. Captain K'Rot was seen again in the last issue of the series called The Hunted he was casted as a super solider on a space TV show.

Powers & Abilities

As Rodney Rabbit he possesses no powers (and is nearsighted). When he eats a "cosmic carrot" he becomes the mighty Captain Carrot! Captain Carrot has Super Strength, Limited Invulnerability, the ability to leap small buildings in - well, you know. He also gains enhanced vision and hearing.