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Spider-man: Evolve Or Die

After being killed by Morlun, Spider-man is contacted by the Other who brings him back to life. Giving him new abilities in the process.

After the events of BND these power seem to have disappeared but Peter still remembers having them. In the Scarlet Spider series it is hinted that Peter may have rejected the powers when he saw what he would become if he kept them.

Scarlet Spider

After his death at the hands of the Lobo Werewolves Kaine is confronted by the Other who offers him the same deal as Peter. Initially Kaine almost rejects he offer but thinks better of it when he realizes the Wolves are still hunting Aracely. He is resurrected and briefly controlled by the Other as he viciously beats the Wolves. After the incident it is seen that the Other is still influencing Kaine as he see's its reflection when he looks in the mirror and , it briefly takes over him during his fight with Wolverine and forces Carrion out of his mind when Carrion attempted to possess the Scarlet Spider.