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Current Events

Most recently, Prince Robot IV has traveled to Quietus to see Heist and question him about A Nighttime Smoke and its supposedly radical message. Upstairs in Heist's lighthouse, Alana and Marko are hiding with their family and Izabel.


D. Oswald Heist is a member of the cyclopean race and a famous novelist from Quietus, where he still lives in a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. Heist had a son, Parone, who volunteered to fight for Landfall but later committed suicide when returning from the war.

Heist is most popular for his book In Lieu of Flowers , but also wrote the novel A Night Time Smoke, a favorite book of Alana's. Prince Robot IV believes it contains hidden messages and is a "thinly veiled treatise on radical pacifism" that inspired Alana and Marko's criminal activities, Heist just wrote it for the money and says it is a "piece of shit" that is long out of print.


D. Oswald Heist was created by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples , his first appearance was in Image Comic's Saga #12, however his book A Night Time Smoke was first mentioned in issue #2 and its cover seen in issue #3..