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Valiant Entertainment

The Geomancer is a position of power given by Mother Nature to only one human at a time to defend the Earth. When a Geomancer dies, the Earth will choose a new successor. Gilad the Eternal Warrior is the "Fist and Steel" of the Geomancers and he has protected them for most of his/her immortal life.

Valiant Universe

Geomancers have existed since the Earth chose the first of the line in 3500 BC. These select few act as the voice of the planet to guide man in his relationship with every other living thing on it.

The powers of the Geomancer are many and varied.

The most evident of these is the ability to talk to objects, referred to as Psychometry. With this power, Geomancers can “talk” to an object to find out where it has been, what it has been exposed to, and even who has held it or owned it. An object’s past and future are as accessible to a Geomancer as its present, as time is not absolute. Psychometry is a power unique to Geomancers. Other Geomantic abilities include the ability to influence objects to accede to their will (locks, doors, etc), telepathy of a limited scope, and the ability to speak to and hear the voice of the Earth. Geomancers use the energy of the geosphere to communicate with the Earth and all things of the Earth. A Geomancer’s power may vary with locale as the source of the “power” is any energy source associated with the Earth, be it kinetic, electromagnetic, or gravitational.

List of Geomancers

Kay McHenry

Current Geomancer.

Clay McHenry

Uncle to Geoff who was lossed in the time stream. Clay McHenry was a blind retired police officer who gained the Geomancer ability to use the energy to commune with earth to help protect the planet.

Geoff McHenry (Brooklyn, NY)

Buck McHenry (Melbourne, Australia)

Anqi Shen (La-Chen, Tibet)

Dominique Brathwaite (Bridgeport, Barbados)

Scheherazade (Shahriah, Persia)