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Brigid, which means "strength" in Gaelic, was Ireland's first Protector. Conjured from the core of Ireland itself, Brigid's lineage can be traced to that of the Tuatha de Danann, or The People of the Goddess, a race of warrior-druids that inhabited ancient Ireland who were "more than mortal, but less than divine." Brigid is called upon to defend the land, to uphold the traditions of its people, and to protect those born to its soil Her primary foe has been the Dark One, an evil king, famous for his heinous crimes against the Irish, and the most dangerous of all the dark faerie.

With the legendary Spear of Lugh as her weapon, Brigid is a powerful enemy, and the only force of her generation strong enough to challenge the Dark One.

Generations after her death, her spirit inhabits 18-year old Derdre Glynis, whose destiny is to either join the Dark One, or to defeat him and save Ireland for the current (Medieval Ireland) age.