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Arno Stark is the Iron Man of Earth-8410 and comes from a dark future where Mega-Corporations such as Stark-Fujikawa and Bain Mechanics Incorporated have replaced conventional governments and rule the Earth with an iron fists. Arno is an asute astute businessman who, when he's not playing the stock market, moonlights as a freelance bounty hunter.


Iron Man 2020

Arno Stark was the son of Morgan Stark, Tony Stark's cousin, in the alternate reality of Earth 8410 in the year 2020. Arno, inheriting Stark Industries, became one of the wealthiest, but most brutal businessmen in the field. In this reality, he and other corporations found a way to take over the government and lived the lives or tyrants. Aron, just like his relative Tony Stark, was extremely smart and build a more advanced Iron Man armor, which he used for acts of crime and only for the benefit of his own welfare. He used his suit mostly for bounty hunting, mercenary work, and sabotaging and destroying his competitors. Even killing those whom opposed him was no problem to him. Arno Stark first appeared in a dark future where the superhero known as the Machine Man was revived by a resistance-group of hackers whom tried to overthrow the new government of Arno Stark. The group was hunted down by Arno's policing forces with heavy casualties, but eventually, Machine Man and his group managed to halt Aron Stark's plans to dominate the world. He had lost the battle, and a striking blow for the resistance, but had not yet lost the war.


Iron Man 2020 was created by Tom Defalco and first appeared in Machine Man 2 (1984).

Mayor Story Arcs

Fighting the Marvel Heroes

Over the years, Aron Stark has come into contact with many of the 'main' Marvel Universe superheroes. He once encountered and fought against the Amazing Spider-man when he found a way to travel to the 616 universe. Luckily, Spider-man managed to defeat the villain and he was sent back to his own time and reality. Some years later, Arno once again made his way into the 616 universe and battled Tony Stark, witch resulted in a battle between Tony's present day Iron Man armor and Arno's upgraded armor from the year 2020. Again, Aron was defeated and he was sent back to his own reality once again. In more recent years, Arno was seen in a disturbing view of the future in the Iron Man series. These events led to believe that Arno Stark might also be born in the 616 Universe, perhaps even as Tony Stark's own child, perhaps one day becoming the villain he is known for in the far future. Nothing has been heard from Iron Man 2020 from that point on.

Powers and abilities

Aron Stark has the skills of any normal human being, but is very smart, owner of one of the largest corporations in the world and possesses an Iron Man armor that makes him a formidable adversary.

Other Versions

Paradise X: The Heralds

Iron Man 2020 in Paradise X

A version of Iron Man 2020 appeared in the Paradise X series and the Paradise X Prelude mini-series, The Heralds.

Marvel Zombies

A version of Iron Man 2020 appeared in the Marvel Zombies mini-series.