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When Bruce Wayne purchased Titus from the Crow Kennel he was seven months old. Bruce was told by the Kennel owner that Titus was a Le Grand Danois, known in the canine world as the Gentle Gaint.


Titus was created by Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason.

Major Story Arcs

Born to Kill

For more information see: Batman and Robin: Born to Kill

Bruce Wayne goes to Crow Kennel to buy a dog as a companion for Damian. While there Bruce is approached by Morgan Ducard, but he causes a distraction and gets away before Bruce can question him.

Back at Wayne Manor, Damian is very vocal about his disdain for the dog, but Bruce swears it is reward not a punishment. Before leaving for patrol Bruce tells Damian to stay home and work on a name for the dog. Damian refuses and goes out on patrol leaving the dog with Alfred.

Later after Damian's run in with Nobody he takes Titus for a walk and thats when he names him Titus, after the Shakespeare character. But Damian doesn't stay around long and goes off with Nobody.

Later back at the Wayne Manor, after Nobody has been stopped, Damian, Bruce and Titus play fetch together.


Titus is with the Bat Family when they pose for the Wayne Family portrait.