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Current Events

After swapping his mind with that of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus finally defeated his greatest nemesis while Peter was stuck in Octavius' dying body. However during his last moments, Peter used their shared memories to show Otto the reason he became Spider-Man, the people he's lost and that with great power comes great responsibility. Octavius realised what it means to be a hero and vowed to continue being a heroic Spider-Man... but a more superior Spider-Man.



Otto Octavius was raised in an oppressive household, with an overprotective mother, and a harsh, abusive father. His mother encouraged the young Otto, already a good student, to push himself in school, in the hopes that he would have a better life than his factory worker father. Otto was awarded a scholarship for university, shortly before his father died in a workplace accident. Becoming obsessed with schoolwork after his father's death, Otto applied himself even harder to his studies in science. He graduated and got work with an engineering firm, soon becoming a respected nuclear physicist and research consultant, as well as working as an inventor and lecturer. He soon developed a remarkable invention- a chest harness that connected the wearer to four mechanical arms. This invention earned him a new nickname: Doctor Octopus. Around this time, he became involved with a fellow researcher, Mary Alice Anders, to whom he eventually proposed marriage. However, the happy couple was broken up by Otto's mother, who disapproved of the young bride-to-be. Otto broke off the engagement at his mother's behest, but she died soon after in the middle of an argument with her son. Having lost all of his social ties, Otto became more withdrawn and sullen, and grew obsessively dedicated to his work while simultaneously throwing professional and operational caution to the wind.

This recklessness with his personal safety lead directly to an accident that would change his life forever. A radiation leak in the lab caused an explosion, which fused the harness and limbs onto his body. The radiation simultaneously caused mutations in his brain, allowing him to have direct control over the arms through telepathy. Driven insane by the accident and the damage it had caused to his body and mind, Doctor Octopus became dedicated to a life of crime.


Doctor Octopus was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He first appeared in "Spider-Man Versus Doctor Octopus" in The Amazing Spider-Man #3 in July 1963.

Character Evolution

When first introduced, his powers, including the telepathic control, were explained as a direct result of the accident that fused the harness to his body in the first place. Later stories hinted that he may have possessed low-level telepathy from a young age, which was in turn implied to have caused a brain aneurysm in his father.

He briefly abandoned the Doctor Octopus identity, creating the identity of the "Master Planner," a criminal mastermind, to orchestrate his plots. However, he eventually resumed the Doctor Octopus identity.

Major Story Arcs

Sinister Six

Formation of the Six

Doctor Octopus is the impetus for the formation of the original Sinister Six, which occurs following a series of defeats at the hands of Spider-Man. He gathers five other villains who have faced, and been defeated by, Spider-Man. Though he tells the other villains that together they will be able to defeat Spider-Man, he secretly plans to wait until all the other villains have tried and failed to kill their foe, at which point he will step in and defeated the greatly weakened hero. He kidnaps Betty Brant and May Parker to bait Spider-Man into the fights and when, as predicted, his teammates fail, he steps in and battles Spider-Man in a large fishbowl-like tank, planning to drown the hero. He is ultimately defeated.

Gang War

Hammerhead vs Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus becomes embroiled in a gang war against Hammerhead following the retirement of the Kingpin. The two wage an extremely destructive war throughout the streets of New York City in dual, competing bids to gain control over the vast criminal empire left behind. Spider-Man ultimately defeats both men, and Octavius is sent to prison.

Uncle Otto

Aunt May and Uncle Otto?

Octavius attempts to marry May Parker, in the hopes of acquiring a Canadian nuclear power plant that she has inherited. The marriage ceremony is interrupted by Hammerhead, and the two men begin a fight that soon includes Spider-Man. The battle ultimately results in the explosion of the power plant, and the death of Hammerhead. Octavius manages to escape the island unharmed, but finds himself homeless, and haunted by the spirit of Hammerhead. He soon restores his enemy to life, simply to be rid of him.

Secret Wars

Let the games begin

Doctor Octopus is among the villains transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder. There, he and his fellow villains are forced to battle a team of heroes who have been similarly transported to the planet without explanation. While on the planet, he rebels against the machinations of Doctor Doom, along with the other villains, and engages in skirmishes with the heroes. Ultimately, he is returned to Earth along with the other combatants.

The New Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus kept on his crime spree after his return to earth. At some time he became extremely afraid of Spider-man and everything that had something to do with spiders. He tried to keep up his criminal activities but almost paralyzed whenever Spider-man would intervene. At one point it even became so bad that the arms started to control Otto himself. Luckily, he managed to get back in control and he eventually overcame his fears for Spider-man. It was at this time that Otto started a new incarnation of the Sinister Six in hopes of making Spider-man's life a living hell. He was partly responsible for a great deal of grieve given to Spider-man over the years. He however was always defeated by Spider-man again.

Clone Saga

Doc Ock's Last Stand

Doctor Octopus saves Spider-Man, who has been poisoned by the Vulture. He does this, not out of a sense of altruism, but because he believes he is the only person who should be allowed to defeat his hated enemy. While attending to the injured Spider-Man, he learns the hero's secret identity. Following this discovery, he allows himself to be captured by police, expecting to be rescued by Stunner, who has been incapacitated and thus rendered unable to help him. Shortly after this he is murdered by Kaine. Resurrected some time later through the assistance of The Hand, he is revealed to have no memory of Spider-Man's true identity, as this discovery was not recorded on the computer chip that was used to reconstruct his memories.

Return to Life

Doctor Octopus had much trouble with returning to life and getting back his memories, most of all, he had to accept these memories. He was helped out by the female Doctor Octopus, whom was a huge admirer of him and had taken in his place when he had died. He finally managed to make amends with his past life and vowed to become a superior scientist and 'evil' genius once more.

Civil War

After Spider-Man reveals his secret identity live on air, Doctor Octopus goes on a rampage through the streets of New York, humiliated at having been defeated so often by a teenager and angered by the fact that he had unmasked Spider-Man once previously, but shrugged Parker off as a mere impostor due to his poor performance. He is subdued by Spider-Man and sent to Baron Zemo's prison; he later joins the gang of ex-supervillains engaged in hunting down non-compliant superheroes.

Dark Reign

Back from the Dead

Doctor Octopus, now in telepathic control of four additional cybernetic limbs and several "octobots," learns that his years of fighting have irreparably damaged his body, leaving him with only months to live. Using the octobots, he takes control of all the technology of New York City, hoping to transform the city into a utopia that is totally controlled by him. He is defeated by Spider-Man and several others, but escapes justice.

Origin of the Species

My Master Plan

Doctor Octopus assembles a large supervillain team, and directs them to retrieve a number of items for him. Meanwhile, he targets the infant son of Menace, whose blood is composed entirely of Goblin serum, which he believes can be used to cure his failing body. Following the loss of the baby, he assembles a new Sinister Six, which fights alongside him against the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. The heroes manage to defeat Octavius' plans to explode an army base. Later, he kidnaps Tony Stark, with whom he had worked many years previously, before either had become involved in supervillainy or superheroics. He forces Stark to help him fix his broken body, and threatens to detonate a nuclear bomb should Stark fail. When Stark suggests seeking outside help, Octavius reveals that he expects Stark to fail, and hopes to use the explosion of the bomb, now set to go off in six minutes, to prove once and for all that he, Octavius, is the more intelligent of the two.

Ends of the Earth

For more information: Amazing Spider-Man

ASM: Ends of the Earth

Doc Ock's octobots have taken over the Apogee 1 Space Station and Spider-Man and the Human Torch have head out to investigate it. They find John Jameson holding out against the rest of the crew who have been taken over and controlled by the octobots. As Spider-Man and Johnny defeat the octobots, Doctor Octopus attempts to destroy their shuttle on re-entry but fails. He turns to the Sinister Six an begins his final plan.

From his secret underwater headquarters Doc Ock raises his Octahedral and activates his "choir invisible". With his health deteriorating and death coming soon he uses the octo-satellites to scorch the earth by harnessing the greenhouse effect. He announces his plans to the world but offers to reverse the effects of Global Warming in exchange of their compliance. Doc Ock sends the Sinister Six to various locations to steal specific items, each being a means to take out the Avengers. He appeals before the UN where Chameleon is posing as Al Gore. When Spider-Man warns them and outs Chameleon Doc Ock threatens to use his Octavian Lens once more.

When Doc Ock and the Sinister Six meet up to pick up Chameleon, it is revealed the Avengers tailed him. The Sinister Six take on the Avengers who are defeated one by one thanks to the Doc Ock's plans. Spider-Man is left to Doc Ock but manages to escape thanks to a distraction by Silver Sable. He returns again to his secret base and announces his demands to the world. Clean records for the Sinister Six, 2 billion in each of their accounts, and an academy built in his name & honor. He reveals he has factories around the world waiting to implement his plan upon the worlds compliance.

The remaining Sinister Six begin to question furthering their plan when Doc Ock threatens them to carry out their mission. Doc Ock broadcasts a message to the "Dark Corners", a group of various villains including Crossbones and Titanium Man, to carry out his plans upon his death. Unfortunately Titanium Man is a national hero in Russia and he alerts Spider-Man of the message. As Spider-Man continues to interfere with Doc Ock's plans he fires his Octavian Lens upon half the world, incinerating Symkaria and many more.

The incineration of Symkaria was revealed to be an act by Mysterio who is currently operating a Doc Ock battle suit and fighting Spider-Man. When Dock Ock realizes this he scolds Mysterio who turns to Spider-Man's side and reveals the location of Doc's secret base in Guatemala. When Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Black Widow arrive they are met by the Avengers under control by the octo-bots. Spider-Man finally makes it to Doc Ock who reveals his plans true intentions. Octavius had planned to kill just enough of the population so that those remaining would rebuild in his image and never forget him. Doc Ock is forced to use all eight of his suit's arms to restrain Spider-Man which causes him to eject from his suit to reach the lens control panel. Spider-Man breaks free and smashes the controls stopping Doc's plans once and for all.

Dying Wish

Otto Victorious

Using a modified Octobot, Octavius successfully transfers his consciousnesses into Spider-man. Leaving him with Peter's memories and body and Peter Parker in Doctor Octopus's dying one. Leaving Peter for dead Otto begins to take on Spider-man's life as his own. Peter eventually took control of the golden octo-bot and had the Scorpion, Hydro-Man and the Trapster free Peter from the Raft. It was then that Peter tried to redo the body switch with Ock, but he had taken precautions to keep that from happening, but Peter instead had Otto relive all of Peter's moments showing Dr. Octopus how much had wasted his life. As a result of Peter's personality engrafted on his own, Dr. Octopus decided to continue on as Spider-man and make up for his past mistakes as the Superior Spider-man.

After his victory over Spider-Man Otto breaks into one of his own laboratories in order to create the new equipment he wishes to use for being Spider-Man. As he breaks in he sets off the laboratories defense systems and Otto is forced to fight off his own creations while a video of himself mocks him in the process. Vowing that Doctor Octopus's days of losing are over Otto dons his newly finished Spider-Man suit.

Hero Or Menace?

During a fight with the new Sinister Six (comprised of Shocker, Lady Beetle, Overdrive, Boomerang, Speed Demon and the Living Brain) Otto tags Boomerang with spider-tracers before they escape. He then heads off to date with Mary Jane all the time using his Spider-tracers to keep tabs on the villains. Mary Jane is confused by Peter's actions namely the fact that he knows where the Sinister Six are but isn't doing anything about it. Upon hearing where they are going to pull their next heist Otto covers the street with various traps before viciously beating down the villains. He is about to kill Boomerang when he is stopped by Peter Parker's ghost. Apparently not completely gone after the events of issue 700 Peter vows to find a way to reclaim his body.

At his second day as the new and improved spider-Man, Otto is greeted with a lot of reporters, and for the first time in his life, JJ is nice to him, Which makes peter very angry considering the trouble JJ gave peter during all his years as spider-man. While This is happening, MJ and Carlie are talking about how peter and Mary Jane might get back together. Otto (or Peter) meets MJ on their third date, and while MJ thinks it weird, Otto makes it clear that "everything is going according to plan" , to which peter is surprised that MJ doesn't seem to notice the fact that peter is talking like a super villain. As The date begins a fire truck comes driving really quickly, so Otto has to become spider-Man. As he is gearing up, he remarks that he can't stand his spider life interfering with his private affairs, to which peter comment that he'd like to see him make things better. Because of this, Doc creates a Spider-Bot who will serve as his eyes and ears. Ock then returns to his date with MJ, and despite Mary James doubts on why peter has been different these past few dates, she still agrees on spending some time with him. After a couple of dates, Ottos is brooding in the corner on how MJ has not succumbed to his will, however during this time Ock and Peter sense danger nearby because there had been some mysterious people in the shadows. Peter and MJ go for a swing and Spider-Man drops her off at his house, but he is not allowed to go in since Carlie is now staying with MJ.

In the mean time Otto is enraged that he was yet again rejected, but he finds a new way to be with Mary Jane, he accesses Peter's memories. The next day Otto is Dealing with his own (or Peters) life while his Apider-Bots that MJ is attacked by a bunch of vultures. Peter/Ock manages to Save MJ in time but all of peters true feelings force Otto to let MJ go and break up with her, because the "equation" does not end well, and so out of love he tells her that she has to let go, and then spider-man swings away. Peter then states the Ock has done something that Peter could never do to keep her safe.

Later On, Carlie was tasked to Help spider-man against the vulture, but spider-man Decides that he does not require any help at all. As spider-man preps for his upcoming battle, Carlie notes that peter has been acting a bit peculiar for some time now, but ock avoids her suspicious through peters memories.

Spider-man Later on depart for his battle and as he is on his way, he is thinking about his previous partnership with Adrian, and peter is for the first time able to view dock Ock's memories, and witnesses how Dock Ock and The vulture share a moment of friendship with each other. As spider-man reaches Vultures hideout, he at first tries to reason with Adrian due to their past, but of course adrian does not even listen and takes this attempt of understanding for another trick up spider-mans sleeve Spider-man is attacked by a bunch of little Vulture creatures, and as Ock punches one of them, it is revealed that one of them is a child, which sends him into a rage since he as a child had been bullied by his father, which peter actually sees in Ock's memories.

The vulture And Spider-man Engage in battle while in the sky, and as Adrian seems to have gained the upper hand, spider-man uses his tech to active the light from the very spider-signal Jameson had made earlier on. The Vulture is blinded and spider-man forces him to crash in to the very source form which the immense light had emerged.

Powers and Abilities

As Doctor Octopus:

Doctor Octopus has a genius-level intellect related to the field of atomic physics and radiation. He holds a PhD in nuclear science, and is skilled as an inventor and an engineer. He is an excellent tactician, as well as being a charismatic leader. He is able to effectively segment his attention in such a way as to engage multiple people in battle while simultaneously performing some other, more delicate task.

Ock Arms

He has telepathic control over four prehensile, electronic arms that are attached to his torso. Even when the harness is detached from his torso, he maintains a level of telepathic control over the arms, even over great distances. The arms, which have pincers at the end, can extend to 24 feet at the maximum, and are capable of superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. He can use them to lift a maximum of three tonnes per arm, though at least one arm must support his body, and he can use them similarly to legs, to lift his body and move rapidly over a variety of terrains, and also to scale walls. He wears an armoured body suit because, while capable of dishing out an enhanced beating, his body is that of a regular human, and has become increasingly worn down by the constant fighting and injuries he has sustained. This suit adds an additional four cybernetic arms. His telepathic control also extends over an army of octobots, small, eight-limbed robots.

As Spider-man:

Due to him having Spider-man's body Otto has access to all of Peter Parker's abilities, training and standard gear. He also has some new technology integrated into his suit such as claws that can inject nanite spider-tracers allowing him to follow and hear anyone who's is injected with them and what looks like a computer in the lenses. The amount of new gear he has and what it is actually used for has yet to be fully revealed.

Alternate Versions

House of M

Doctor Octopus is a researcher working for the government, involved in the field of stem cell research.

Marvel 1602

Baron Octavius is an Italian baron living in France. Suffering from the bubonic plague, he attempts to cure himself with a potion created using octopi. This fails, and mutates him into a monster. He is able to retain a human form through the use of a potion created from the blood of Hal McCoy by Henri le Pym. However, this potion grows increasingly less effective, and he sets his sights on acquiring the blood of Peter Parquagh, which he believes could be used as a permanent cure for his condition.

Marvel Zombies

An undead Doctor Octopus is among the zombie supervillains who attempt to eat Galactus. He was later destroyed.


Earth MC2

Doctor Octopus attacks the Daily Bugle, killing Joseph "Robbie" Robertson. This attack lead directly to the creation of the Human Fly suit, intended to create a government-controlled superhero. He hires a number of mercenaries to steal the suit, but they fail, resulting in the creation of The Buzz. He is later diagnosed with cancer, and is soon after captured by The Buzz and Spider-Girl. He falls into a coma due to the cancer, and is not expected to reawaken.

Spider-Man: Noir

Doctor Octopus is a crippled scientist working on Ellis Island, officially working with primates and investigating evolution. He has a wheelchair that is equipped with six robotic tentacles. He is later shown to be performing secretive experiments on African Americans. He is revealed to be a Nazi sympathizer, working towards the ultimate goal of turning all minorities into mindless slaves.

Spider-Man: India

Otto Octavius is a meek minion who is mystically transformed into a version of Doctor Octopus by Nalin Oberoi. Oberoi later kills Octavius while he is attempting to aid Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Reign

An older Doctor Octopus saves Spider-Man from the Sinister Six. He is revealed via a taped monologue to have been dead for months, and kept moving by his tentacles, which are animated by a program left behind by him that was designed to seek Spider-Man out in the hopes of restarting the age of heroes.


Earth-1610 Ultimate

Ultimate Doctor Octopus is younger and more fit than his main universe counterpart. He wears sunglasses to disguise the wounds around his eyes that were created by the explosion that gave him his powers. They also protect his eyes, which are extremely sensitive to light, also a consequence of the accident. Instead of the pincers on the end of the main universe's, Ultimate Doctor Octopus' tentacles are topped with nanobots, meaning they can transform into a variety of weapons at will. He has a telepathic connection with his tentacles, and also a largely unexplored ability to manipulate metals. He worked for OsCorp, and was involved in corporate espionage on behalf of Justin Hammer. After being involved in a laboratory accident that results in his metal tentacles being fused to his body, he sought revenge against Hammer, but is defeated and captured by Spider-Man, who turns him over to SHIELD custody. While in SHIELD custody, he forms the Ultimate Six, with whom he battles the Ultimates on the lawn of the White House. He is defeated by Wasp, and returned to SHIELD custody. He is separated from his robotic arms, and held in custody until he discovers the rights to his image have been sold, whereupon he summons the limbs and goes on a rampage. He is defeated and again returned to SHIELD, where his arms are melted by Nick Fury.

During the Ultimate Clone Saga, he was the impetus for the creation of the myriad clones, all of which were created while he was working for the FBI/ CIA as part of a plan to create super soldiers. He creates new arms out of metal scraps, and briefly battles Spider-Man before being defeated. During the Death of Spider-Man arc, Doctor Octopus was broken out of the Triskelion alongside other Ultimate Six members. Norman Osborn attempts to incite them to kill Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus tries to leave the group, intending to return to being a normal scientist. He claims to be satisfied by having had a hand in creating Spider-Man. Enraged, Norman Osborn beats him to death.

In Other Media


Spider-Man (1967)

1967 Animated Series

Doctor Octopus appears in the episodes "The Power of Doctor Octopus" and "The Terrible Triumph of Doctor Octopus." He is played by Vernon Chapman.

Spider-Man (1981)

He appears in the episode "Bubble, Bubble, Boil and Trouble". He is played by Stanley Jones.

The Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk Series

He appears in The Incredible Hulk series, in the episode "Tomb of the Unknown Hulk". He is played by Michael Bell.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Amazing Friends Series

He appears in the episode "Spider-Man Meets the Girl of Tomorrow". Michael Bell reprises his role.

Spider-Man (1994)

1994 Animated Series

He first appears in the fifth episode of season 1 "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous". He appears as a recurring villain in the 1990s Spider-Man series, featuring in a number of episodes. He was also revealed to have been a mentor for Peter Parker when the boy was attending a science camp as a child. He is played by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Spider-Man Unlimited

He makes a brief cameo appearance in this series.

Doc Ock in Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Doctor Octopus features as a major recurring villain throughout the series. Originally a meek scientist working in OsCorp's labs, a lab accident fuses robotic tentacles to his back and drives him dangerously insane. During some of his many appearances, he forms the Sinister Six and also uses the Master Planner identity to orchestrate various plots. He is played by Peter MacNicol.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus appears in the series as a recurring foe. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Spider-Man 2

Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2

Doctor Octopus features as the main villain in the second installment of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie trilogy. He appears as a sympathetic character, driven insane by the lab accident and subsequent death of his wife, Rosalie. He turns to crime at the behest of his semi-sentient tentacles, which encourage him to commit crimes to acquire funds for his experiments. He is defeated following a fight with Spider-Man, wherein he accidentally stabs a machine, causing it to overload. The machine begins to spiral out of control, and Doctor Octopus destroys its support beams, dragging it down to the bottom of the river and rescuing the city at the cost of his own life. He is played by Alfred Molina.

Video Games


Doctor Octopus appears in this game.

Spider-Man: the Video Game

Doctor Octopus appears among a number of villains.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Doctor Octopus appears as a boss.

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus appears as the final boss.

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

Doctor Octopus is a boss.


In the game based on the animated television series, Doctor Octopus makes an appearance as the first boss.

Spider-Man: Lethal Foes

Doctor Octopus appears as a boss.


Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. reprises his role, appearing on a team with Carnage, who later turns Doctor Octopus into a symbiote-based monster, Monster Ock, who is voice by Marcus Shirock.

Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus appears as a boss.

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Doctor Octopus makes an appearance at the end of the game.

Spider-Man 2

Predictably, Doctor Octopus appears in the adaptation of the movie of the same name, again played by Alfred Molina.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Doctor Octopus is both a boss and a playable character in this game. He and a number of other villains are abducted and mind controlled. When freed, he fights alongside Spider-Man, seeking revenge against the people who mind controlled him.

Super Hero Squad Online

Doctor Octopus makes an appearance in two missions.

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions

Although not Otto Octavius, this 2099 female character has taken the alias and mantle of her idol as the Dr. Octopus of her time. She is voiced by Tara Strong. As head scientist for Alchemax's Shadow Division Dr. Serena Patel is responsible for conducting horrific experiments and creating highly advanced, dangerous weaponry, all of which she sees as nothing more than scientific endeavours. Upon learning of Spider-man's conquest against Alchemax she fears the worst for her twisted ambitions, and as a preemptive measure takes to manufacturing a battlesuit similar to that of her idol, and present time counterpart, Otto Octavius. Believing the Heroic Age Spider-man was killed by Octavius she sets in motions plans to defeat Spider-man 2099, which involves manipulating the simple-minded Scorpion a.k.a Kron Stone, and the creation of the unidentified Hobgoblin. Having discovered a fragment from the tablet of Order and Chaos her sanity is pushed over the edge, evidenced by the creation of a condensed matter reactor and development of megalomaniacal aspirations, such as world domination. The first encounter between her and Spider-man results in him initiating a self-destruct sequence for her base of operations. Both escape unscathed and engage each other once again at the, previously built, condensed matter reactor. To avert the destruction of this weapon she unleashes creatures fitted with her tentacle technology, as Spider-man attempts to bring down four reactor power core. She is, however, unsuccessful and defeated by Spider-man 2099, while he reclaims the tablet fragment.

Spider-man: Edge of Time

A consequence of Walter Sloan's (company 'founder') machinations mean that Alchemax was formed in the seventies, far earlier than it had previously been established. Doctor Octopus, voiced by Dave B. Mitchell, due to the altered timeline, appears as a citizen that had never taken up criminal activities. He is, instead, an employed scientist for Alchemax who retains his four mechanical tentacles but utilizes them for his research rather than villainous purposes. His primary appearance is only brief, albeit an integral piece of the storyline towards the climax though. While he and Sloan use a mind-controlled Anti-Venom to subdue and kill the original Spider-man, they are foiled at the last second by the intervention of Spider-man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) and all three are pushed into the temporal gateway, resulting in their merger and the formation of a creature that comes to be known as Atrocity, which closely resembles an enlarged Anti-Venom with tentacles. The two Spidermen soon discover the identity of this beast and realise they must reverse this process by separating them using the temporal gateway. While Spider-man battles the Atrocity, Spider-man 2099 faces off against the Alchemax CEO which, coincidentally, is revealed to be a corrupt, future incarnation of Peter Parker. As the Atrocity's tentacles are systematically removed and tossed into the portal, they arrive as aid for Miguel O'Hara when they momentarily disable Alchemax's CEO.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

In this game, Doctor Octopus is a recurring boss. In "Tentacular", he is an epic boss, who will only appear until all deploys are done and all threats are neutralized. In the Spider-Man premium stage, "Cephalocarrier", he is a final boss.

Marvel Heroes

In the Marvel themed MMO game, Doctor Octopus appears a boss fight villain in the Club District of Hells Kitchen.