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Adam learns about his past lives

Just prior to beginning his latest concert, flamboyant singer Adam Ant was transported to an eerie dimension where a mysterious cloaked figure revealed to him that he was merely the latest reincarnation of an ancient hero who had lived a hundred lifetimes, fighting evil in each and every one. Now he faced his greatest challenge, and if he failed the whole world was doomed.

And with that, Adam Ant was cast back through time, jumping across history from one past life to the next, to undertake a series of adventures.


A New Wave musician known for wearing historically-themed costumes during his performances, Adam Ant became the star of his own strip in D.C Thomson's Tops comic on January 16th 1982.

Presumably inspired by his recent success with Stand and Deliver, the music video for which featured the singer dressed as a highwayman, and Prince Charming, whose music video depicted the singer changing instantaneously through a series of historical costumes (including the highwayman), the strip "revealed" Adam to be a reincarnated warrior, and had him leaping from one historical era to another to fight evil.