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Since 2007, Michael has been a freelance archivist for Valiant Entertainment Inc., archiving and summarizing the comic books published by Voyager Communications and Acclaim Entertainment during the 1990s for The Book of Geomancers, a Wikipedia-style online resource.

Since July of 2010, Michael has provided literary creative services to Valiant Entertainment Inc. He provides literary and/or artistic creative services in connection to comic book and/or feature film scenarios based on X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak, Eternal Warrior.

In 2009, Michael’s first published short story, Witchfinder: Curse of the Poppet, appeared in Faster Than Light #4 from Orang Utan Comics. Witchfinder is a collaboration between Michael, Greg Novak, Leeahd Goldberg, Chris Morill, and Vanessa Beckmann.

In 2010, Michael became a contributing writer to Surprising Comics and Red Leaf Comics, writing one-page teasers and creator-owned and freelance short stories for their publications, like Planes Walker and The Grandfather Paradox, and The Silver Age Leaf: The 7th Wave respectively.

From 2011 to 2012, Michael served Chief Correspondent: Mexico for ComicBookInterviews.com.

Working alongside Andrew Foley, writer of the Cowboys & Aliens graphic novel, and artist Daniel Cuchacovich, Michael has created a graphic novel being developed as a four-volume full-color set for book trade publishing.

As President of Heroic Tendencies Studios, Michael is in charge of locating venues to publish the graphic novels and comic book series developed as part of the Majestic, Mindscape, and Quark imprints, as well as finding ways to exploit these properties outside the printed medium.

Michael writes the flagship title of the Majestic Universe, Knights Legacy, as well as ancillary titles like Aurora and Zeroth, and co-writes Enhanced High with Aaron Thall, The Specialists with Ryan McLelland, and The Warrior’s Path with Robert MacDonald.