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The New Men are a group of Nu-Gene empowered young people who have banded together for their own protection. The Nu-Gene is a result of an alien scientific experiment on human genetics to breed a race of humans to be more powerful and evolved. These aliens are known as the Keep. Although this Nu-Gene created humans similar to the well known Mutants of the Marvel Universe, it also was responsible for the creation of mythical creatures, like vampires and werewolves. The first original roster of the New Men is as follows:

The first line up:

- Reign, a telepathic and telekinetic American teen

- Byrd, an avian-human hybrid with wings and razor sharp talons

- Dash, a super fast blond who was involved romantically with both Reign and Byrd

- Exit, a teleporting young man who could access alternate dimensions

- Kodiak, an American Indian that could morph into a huge, bear-like monster.

The first group was also mentored by the U.S. agent " John Proctor", a shady figure with no apparent powers.