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Allegedly driven into a self-imposed exile by the Kree merchant houses for creating a device that could "bring light to the entire galaxy," the Kree inventor Sim-Del and his family were targeted for death by a secret Kree military society. The boy Zak-Del witnessed his parents' brutal slaughter by a man wearing the society's signet ring before the family's robot sent him off on a spaceship. The ship fell through a wormhole into the Exoteric Latitude, home to the pale androgynous Nameless Kree - survivors of a long-lost exploration team possessed by the native swarming Exolon soul parasites - one of whom stabbed Zak-Del in the heart, releasing his soul to feed the Exolon, who possessed him, making him a Nameless Kree. The former Zak-Del grew up learning their barbaric ways, discovering how intense pain was evidently all that enabled them to remember their former lives, but the need to avenge his parents' murders allowed the now-grown man to consciously recall his past. Defeating the Nameless' leader, the young man took the leader's weapon and spacecraft and escaped.Arriving in the Kree Empire intent on finding his parent's killer, the pale Kree instead encountered invading techno-organic Phalanx troops who tried to assimilate him. He used the Exolon swarm to strike fear into the Phalanx; unable to assimilate the extreme emotion, they shut down. Kree resistance front leader Ra-Venn tried to recruit him to their cause, but the Nameless one was captured by the Phalanx before he could refuse her. Kree Emperor Ronan, forcibly undergoing assimilation into a Phalanx Select, tortured the calm pale Kree and named him Wraith. With the dead Kree leader Supreme Intelligence (Sl)'s aid, Sim-Del's ghost visited Wraith, telling him the Parasite star system had what he sought. Needing allies, Wraith freed fellow prisoners Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) and the robotic empath Praxagora and escaped. Arriving at the star system, he gave his aid to Ra-Venn's rebellion; in return she swore to help Wraith find his parent's murderer. Learning of the Phalanx's plan to use a revitalized Sl's psychic echo to convert all resisting Kree to their cause, Wraith, Super-Skrull, and Praxagora went to destroy it. Confronting the dead Sl via his father's ghost, Wraith agreed to absorb the Sl's soul into his Exolon swarm, using the resultant fear backlash to paralyze every Phalanx within range. A humiliated Ronan tried to get Wraith to kill him, but Wraith convinced Ronan the Kree needed his leadership to survive the Phalanx invasion. Following Ronan to the Kree Ceded Territories to retrieve a cache of Kree home world Sentries untouched by the Phalanx technovirus for use in freeing Kree home world Hala from its conquerors, Praxagora and Wraith prevented the Sentries from being forcibly taken under Phalanx control. However, Phalanx leader Ultron took control of Praxagora and used her to knock out Wraith, causing the Exolon swarm to disperse and allowing Ultron to control the Sentry Armada and fuse them into one giant robot body for himself. A recovered Wraith then aided the Titanian Quasar (Phyla-Vell) by coating Ultron's body with the Exolon to trap his mind within while Quasar destroyed him. Afterwards, Wraith used the Exolon to purge the last of the Phalanx taint from the infected Kree citizens before continuing on his quest to kill the man with the signet ring.

Powers & Abilities

Polymorphic Weapon


During Wraith's childhood he found himself trapped in the Exoteric Latitude, "the Space of the Nameless." Finding this young boy in their midst, the Nameless exposed his soul by plunging a knife into his chest, an opening that the Exolon then exploited, turning the boy into one of the Nameless. Bonding with the Exolon, transformed Wraith into one of the Nameless. He was infused by a collection of Exolon plasmoids, the black membrane that the Nameless wear. He now lives in symbiosis the Exolon: they feed off of his soul and he gains enhanced abilities. By bonding with the Exolon, Wraith gained strength, healing and immortality. He also demonstrated a mysterious ability to travel through the air from rooftop to rooftop of buildings, though what he was doing or how was not revealed. Due to the Exolon parasites that infect and maintain his body, he possesses enhanced speed, strength and agility, as well as an ability to heal from even the most egregious of wounds. Once he matured to Nameless adulthood, he ceased to age and cannot die, at least not in any way yet shown. He has the ability to summon the Exolon to swarm his opposition, causing even inorganic beings to be overcome by fear. By summoning swarms of Exolon, he can manifest what appears to be darkness; because the Exolon feed on souls, swarms of it appear to be — at least to the Phalanx — the exposed soul of a living being.


Due to the nature of the Nameless and their rituals of inflicting pain on themselves, he also has an unnaturally high tolerance for pain, not screaming or making any other negative reactions to it. He can withstand immense amounts of pain, with the only effect of jarring loose memories.


Wraith carries a weapon that morphs into just about anything. It is a talisman of the ancient Kree. This weapon knows the needs of the wielder. Wraith possesses an unidentified polymorphic weapon which can take on a variety of forms, including a gun, a whip, and a small blade, as well as apparently possessing the ability to deactivate/disarm other weaponry.