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A young man from San Diego, California, Fabio's new mutation emerges after someone attempts to rob him. The odd, bouncing balls that shoot from his body cause panic around him and the police attempt to arrest him. Cyclops, and his team of X-Men, arrive to defend him. Though the team is attacked by Sentinels, they are able to whisk Fabio away to his new life as a mutant.


Fabio was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Chris Bachalo. He first appeared in the story "The New Revolution" in Uncanny X-Men #1 (Feb. 2013).

Major Story Arcs

The New Revolution

After being recruited by Cyclops, the new mutants get to know each other better. They are soon sucked into Limbo by Dormammu and Fabio is scared, as well as the other new mutants. Thanks to the Cuckoos, Fabio and the rest are forced into a feeling of bravery as they battle for their survival. After Illyana absorbs Limbo and sends the X-Men out of the dimension, Fabio cries to go home. Fabio is allowed to leave and Emma and Scott escort him home where he reunites with his family and shows them he is a indeed a mutant. Not long after this revelation, the mutant Dazzler enters their house and questions Fabio to tell her where Cyclops is.

Powers and Abilities

Fabio has the mutant ability to project solid gold balls from his body. The balls seem to be able to bounce and he can project them from any part of his body.