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Dan Lyons was chosen by the chief of the Black Feet tribe to be a champion of justice, after he defeated 100 other combatants. He was given a bow, and was told to notch it when he performed a good deed. When he gained 100 notches, he would be allowed to become the Black Marvel.Mayor

Major Story Arcs

During the War

He had several run-ins with criminals, and even helped in World War 2.

After the War, Slingers

He later made a deal with Mephisto to obtain the super powered suits of Dusk, Hornet, Ricochet, and Prodigy. He then formed the Slingers. The Slingers were able to release Black Marvel from the contract, and he was able to die in peace.  

In Other Media

The Black Marvel appeared on Spider-Man: The Animated Series in the five-part episode Six Forgotten Warriors. Here, the Black Marvel  Marvel is Omar Mosely, and a friend and former teacher of Daily Bugle editor Robbie Robertson. The Black Marvel and four other superheroes (The Whizzer, Miss America, The Thunderer, and The Destroyer) gained their powers as the result attempt during World War II to recreate the experimental process that empowered Captain America. His emplower and friend Dan Lyons had intended to participate until Dan's father forbade him. Mosely took his place, gaining superhuman strength and wearing a face-covering black hood so that no one would know Mosely was African American during those racially divisive times. Lyons allowed the others to believe that he was the hero and Mosely was the sidekick, in order to protect his secret identity. Voiced

Voiced by Paul Winfield.