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The exact origins of Dr. Dedalus are currently unknown. He has described himself as an "unrepentant nazi master criminal" and has the capabilities to experiment with meta-human genetics, which links him to possibly being the leader of the shadowy super-human engineering organization, Leviathan.


Dr. Dedalus was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Yanick Paquette, first appearing in the third issue of Batman, Incorporated.

Major Story Arcs

Batman Incorporated

Sometime in the past (ca. 1982), the original Knight and a team of British Super-Heroes are sent to trap Dr. Dedalus, former member of Spyral, and the worlds "most dangerous spy," in a lighthouse during the Falklands War. When Knight and his team enter, their equipment starts to malfunction, they become surrounded by smoke, and when all is said and done, Knight is the only one who makes it out of the lighthouse alive. Being carried to a medical evacuation, Knight proclaims that they "got him."

Sometime later, on a Batman Incorporated trip to Argentina, El Gaucho explains to Batman that Dr. Dedalus was also a manipulative figure in the book "Oroboro" written by an imaginary author by the name of Espartanco Extrano. Extrano was an identity with an entire backstory created by a group of avant-garde poets, including a one Jorge Luis Borges. The duo are eventually lead to the Falkland Islands, where they, along with Batwoman and the Hood , believe Dr. Dedalus to be located. Turns out that the Dr. Dedalus on the island, was a decoy suffering the warden who was put in charge of securing the real Dr. Dedalus. The warden suffered from severe alzheimer's and was conditioned by subliminal suggestions to adopt the persona of Dr. Dedalus, while the real one Dedalus was liberated from his imprisonment by the leader of Leviathan....Talia al Ghul.

Batman finally finds tracks down Dr. Dedalus located on to a large freighter somewhere in the middle of the ocean, he gets . Batman and his Robins get caught in what Dedalus calls his web. Dedalus exposes Batman to a hallucinogenic uses the ship's intercom to torment Batman and his allies. Batman takes the initiative by separating from the group and finding Dedalus on his own. Dedalus takes advantage of the situation by exposing Batman to an hallucinogen that causes alzheimer's like effects , thus weakening Batman's memory while he makes his way through the labrynth. Batman finally finds the room that Dedalus' voice was coming from but all he finds is Dedalus' corpse. It seems that real Otto Netz had died long before Batman became involved with Leviathan's affairs. The voice over the intercom was someone else mimicking Netz's voice. Dedalus has his meta bomb weapons surrounding the world, ready to detonate, leaving a weakened Batman to try and disengage the bombs. It is revealed that Gaucho is actually a double agent, working with his former Spyral leader, and attacks Batman. This attack turns out to be a ruse, to allow Gaucho to get Batman the antidote to the hallucinogen, but Dedalus had predicted his agent's triple cross, stabbing him in the neck, nearly killing him. Though the effects of the gas fading from Batman, he's still weak, and struggles to reach the button to disengage the bombs. Just as Dedalus is about to electrocute Batman to death, the blade he used to stab Gaucho pierces his head, killing him. The blade was thrown by Batman's son, Damian Wayne, who hastily cries out that there was nothing else he could do, knowing his father's beliefs on killing. Though Dedalus was dead, in the end, he was just a pawn to the true leader of Leviathan.