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Issue - Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part 4; Scorched Earth Chapter Four: Last Call EDIT  

Demonically-possessed Wolverine vs. Colossus. What more do you need? How about Mystique and the Ghost Riders and Sabretooth and the devil wielding a really big sword, not to mention a shocking appearance by a figure from Logan's past that no one's expecting, least of all Logan himself. All of this as Wolverine's epic descent into hell rolls on.

Wolverine Goes to Hell Part 4- Wolverine has now taken the fight to the Devil himself, who is still in possession of Soulcutter. It looks like Wolverine is losing and about to be rend asunder but, Wolverine's claws did what they needed to, they made the Devil bleed. This not only made the Devil pause but it show the rest of Hell that the current Devil was weak. The Devil fights off most of the demon and lesser devils, even broken Sabretooth tries to get a piece, but when Puck shows up with all the dammed souls freed, that is too much and the devil seems to be loosing all control. Wolverine is about to join the fight but the mysterious stranger stops him and reveals that he had planned all this to talk to Wolverine.

Meanwhile among the living Hellverine is still trying to kill everybody Wolverine has ever cared about. He has sneaked in to the Xmen's base and is going toe to toe with Colossus. Just when it seem like Hellverine has won Mystique and Ghost rider show up and use the chains on Hellverine and drive off with him in tow.

Last Call- The Mongrels go to Madripoor and destroy Wolverine's hidden trove of mementos.