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Shola Inkose (originally spelled "Inkosi" and altered in later issues)is a mutant telekinetic from the island nation of Genosha. While attending school in Chicago, Genosha (along with his family) was destroyed. Since that time, Shola has had haunting nightmares of his home nation's destruction--visions triggered by his otherwise latent telepathic abilities.

Shola first met Kitty Pryde in Chicago when he saved her and several of her colleagues from a collapse following a laboratory explosion. From there, he was swept into a whirlwind adventure alongside Kitty Pryde and Karma to defeat newly enhanced adaptive Sentinels.

Mayor Story Arcs

Genosha - Excalibur

New Excalibur

Eventually, Shola returned to his homeland of Genosha to help aid Professor X rebuild the island nation in the wake of Cassandra Nova's attack. This short-lived team, including Wicked, Freakshow, Omega Sentinel, Callisto, and Magneto, briefly operated under the title of "New" Excalibur.

Alternate Earths

Ultimate Universe - Earth 1610

Against the "peaceful facade"

Shola's incarnation is that of a former persecuted mutant, after news broke out that mutants instead of being the next step in evolution, were in fact, products of the US government. Kitty Pryde, upon staging a "revolution" to free all mutants held against their wills in camps, found Shola and other mutants, together they fought back a long and fearsome battle and in the aftermath a Utopia of sorts was formed. Nomi Blume, a renegade young mutant who was formerly under the tutelage of Kitty Pryde went rogue and turned against Kitty. She's formed her own faction and Shola has since became a part of it having not taken kindly to Kitty's most recent methods, both he and Warpath are conspiring against her for the benefit of their own faction.