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As a resident of Earth-1191, the alternate reality which also


hails from, LeBeau saw the devastation of the


during 1996 at the hands of a being only know as The X-Traitor. He apparently was the only one to survive and was referred to as “The Witness.” As time when went by the Witness made a fortune and he bought a huge technology corporation know known as Stark who later by know under the name , later renamed Fujikawa. His interested shifted between the


(Xavier’s Security Enforcers), the mutant police force which


was a member of and alien technology that he could add to his corporation. While Fujikawa was researching solid holographic technology in order to replicate the ill or deceased members of X.S.E. 


, Bishop’s sister came to the conclusion that Bishop himself should test it but it failed. Shard and the members of Fujikawa ran a test and discover discovered that the holograms could only operate at 100% by assimilating the brain of the member it tried to replicate, however the assimilation was still in its experimental stages and any test could kill the agent. Shard once again stepped into the project claiming that it could all go more smooth if the Witness was willing to share the


technology he possessed, however the Fujikawa representative, Lycadeon spoke up and said the Witness would share nothing with them.   During a confrontation with a confrontation with a clan clan of


, pseudo-vampire that feed on the bone marrow of mutants, Shard was attacked and was dying from the infection. Desperate, Bishop turned to the one man who could save her, the Witness, and under Shard's request he downloaded her brainwaves into the hologram technology, making a replica of her. In turn

It turned out that the Witness knew all along that this was going to happen and told Bishop that now he owed him and requested that Bishop quit the X.S.E. and serve him for a year. Its It was then reveled revealed that this was not the first time the two of them spent time together as the Witness said he was glad to have the young man return to his fold, as it was then explain explained that the young Bishop was raised as child by the Witness until his grandmother came to pick him up, or likely take away the child from Remy’s clutches. It is revealed to us that the Witness took interested interest in Bishop because he knew that one day the boy would traveled travel to the past and help stop the X-Men from being destroyed by  by


, help restore the original timeline after it being change changed into the  the

Age of Apocalypse and Apocalypse

and even of the boy’s future confrontation with the Chronomancer (

Trevor Fitzroy

, who conquer conquered Earth-9910). The

The strangest thing was that when his grandmother actually showed up it was none other then the elderly


, who along with an unknown man only know as Hancock, raised both Shard and Bishop. To this day it is unknown if Storm was Bishop’s grandmother or simple had simply taken it upon herself to raise the child.  The The other members of X.S.E. were not to too happy with the Witness for taking Bishop from them but their leader


, personally asked Bishop to find out all he could about the Witness but even after a year he was unable to find anything as it was the Witness himself to who told him “I am LeBeau and more than LeBeau. I am in jail; I am a jail. One strange man, me.” Bishop was unable to answer any of the question of questions the X.S.E. had for him about the Witness because he himself never answer answered anything, as Bishop asked countless time who betrayed the X-Men and the Witness responded with silence.

The Time Trip

As time would come Bishop would followed follow his greatest nemesis, Trevor Fitzroy, to the present era as he was causing quite the commotion. There he was to meet up with the living legends! The X-Men, the heroes that shaped his childhood and the man that he was now. Dueo Due to the X-Men being split into the

New Mutants and 

and the


, the team badly needed member members and they quickly added Bishop to their rank. However Bishop met


who had a similar Cajun accent and shady personality as similar to the Witness and even shared the man's surname. He came to the conclusion that Gambit was the Witness and that one day he would betray the X-Men and be know known as the X-Traitor and that was why he survive survived and why the Witness never talked of who had being was the traitor. Time would tell that Gambit was not the traitor but rather

Charles Xavier

under the influence of


psyche and become the being


. After the X-Men,




defeated the being Bishop doubt doubted the entire story of the Witness but still harbored a deep-rooted suspicion of his teammate, Gambit.  

The Jewel that made History

When Gambit was sent in on a quest for a time-hopping jewel that landed on in the 616 reality, he discovered that the Witness threw the Momentary Princess, that would become the time-hopping jewel that would transverse many realities and time eras, this time Gambit wondered if he would become the aged mutant and travel the barriers of time itself.

Reinventing an Earth When the

The Witness next cross crossed paths with Bishop again was when Trevor Fitzroy had drained the life of countless people and was transported for far into the future of an alternate earth.  

Earth-9910 was

was decimated by the


and in the last moment Magneto tapped into the Earth's electromagnetic field from outer space sending a wave that canceled all technology, automatically canceling the Sentinels and any of their robotic hounds, exhausted . Exhausted from this amazing feat Magneto died peacefully knowing he had sent his Earth into a better future. As the new era approach approached in this Earth's attempt to rebuild itself from nothing, Trevor arrived with tremendously futuristic technology that none of them had ever witness seen and set himself up as evil tyrant the Chronomancer. Do Due to the low technology of the land many hidden races as surface surfaced into the now medieval era, among them were the giants. The giants believe believed that one day a chosen one would arrived arrive to liberate them from the Chronomancer. The Witness saw all this these events and neglected Bishop who questioned him on his the nature of his prophesies, the . The Witness responded they were no not prophesies but were happening at the exact moment and he used his powers to send Bishop to the future of the Chronomancer.

Once Bishop arrived he meet a band of revelsrebels;






and the giant


. The mutants share shared their knowledge and it was discover through this discovery that each of them had been brought up by the Witness himself.   The Witness revealed himself as a Time Traveler who journey journeyed through many timelesstime lines, confronting other time travelers, chrono entities and befriending other time travelers. He did encouraged Encouraging all them to fight Fitzroy's influence over this earth, Bishop agreed and formed the X-Faces with the other revels. Fitzroy found of Bishop’s arrival rebels. Discovering the arrival of Bishop and of another time-traveler, enraged he send Fitzroy sent his troops to destroy the hideout of Bishop but before this could occur the Witness informed Bishop of a place called Dunduine. As Fitzroy’s troops arrived the Witness single handily hold held them back by draining their kinetic energy leaving them immobile and then created a tremendous kinetic explosion which Bishop believe to had have killed him. To Bishop's tremendous surprise upon his arrival in Dunduine with the other X-Faces he discover discovered the Witness was still alive and under the care of the powerful Clan Hellfire.

The leader of Clan Hellfire, Sammara Shaw, owe owed her's and the clan's existence to the Witness to who prevented the Sentinels from destroying them and shield shielded their technology from Magneto’s electromagnetic wave in order that in the future so they would prove provide refuge for him in the future. Again he having manipulated time and situation situations to his benefit, Fitzroy grew tire tired of the Witness's intervention and send sent his troops to attack the Clan Hellfire in order to kill the all-powerful time-traveler. Once again the Witness when went out to confront them and prove proved himself more then a match for them while the X-Faces destroy destroyed them. Bishop personally asked the Witness to come and defeat Fitzroy but he declined and opted to say stay with Clan Hellfire. As Bishop talked with the Witness he said he was right for never trusting him but admitted that the Witness had a strange way of manipulating others into protecting those he care cared about and to prevent any more bloodshed. Finally Bishop refer referred to him as “Gambit” a name the Witness didn’t deny owning and responded with the classic “mon ami” to Bishop. When Bishop defeated Fitzroy and was returning from the Earth-9910 his body became the vessel for an ancient energy parasite, Le Bete Noir.

Defender of all good things.