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Jake is a magical dog and Finn's constant companion, best friend, and brother by adoption. Jake has stretchy powers, which allow him to stretch and manipulate his body, coming in handy on many occasions throughout his and Finn's adventures. He is the son of Joshua and Margaret, who adopted Finn the Human when he was a baby, he also has a brother named Jeremy. Jake is 28 in magical dog years, but he rarely acts maturely, acting similar to the 14-year old Finn. Both he and his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, share a passion for playing the viola. Recently him and Lady had 5 Rainicorn/Dog pups by the names of T.V, Charlie, Viola, Jake Jr, and Kim Kil Whan. Jake had a fear of vampires before he and Finn got to know Marceline.


Jake shifting into a raft

Jake possesses magical "stretchy" powers, allowing him to stretch and morph his body any way he wishes. He can extend his legs over long distances, and shape shift into various forms (such as a parachute or a suit of armor for Finn). He is also able to rearrange his eternal organs. He also stated that he can stretch forever but this was proven untrue. Eventually if he over exerts his abilities his body thins out and he'll die.

Jake can dance, once showing a dancing bug "how it's done."

Longevity: Jake states that he will probably live another hundred years.

Ventriloquism: Jake is fantastic at creating people out of his body who are seeminglyreal and he is able to project his voice as if to come from the fake person.

Music: Jake is called the "musical one" by Finn and can play the violin.

Jake creates a conductor while pretending to readJake creates a lawyer out of his body