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P.C. 49, Police Constable Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby, was a standard honest British bobby (policeman) of his era, solving crimes as much through hard work and persistence as intelligence. He spent much of his off-duty time with his "Boys Club", youths who he had become a mentor too, and who he tried to set an example for so they would stay on the straight and narrow.


Created by Alan Stranks, P.C. 49 began as a radio series character. The Adventures of P.C. 49 first aired as part of the Light Programme on 27th October 1947, with Brian Reece playing the title role. The character's popularity grew rapidly, and he was adapted for comics by Stranks to debut in that format in the first issue of Eagle, April 1950. Initially Strom Gould illustrated the tales, but in August 1951 artist John Worsley replaced Gould; Worsley would continue to draw the strip until its demise in March 1957. The character also appeared in several annuals and a couple of reprint volumes.